Fix iPhone 6/6s Apps Won’t Update/Download – iOS 9/9.3.5/10

News Updated:  After updating to iOS 10 public beta some twitter posts show that “cannot download and update app on AppStore“, and  this issue is affecting many popular apps, such as Pokemon Go and Snapchat. And people guessed that it is because of the server issues of AppStore.

After updating to new iOS system on your iPhone 6/6s, or iPad/iPod touch, you might face the problems just like the below users said:

My App Store has two applications that need to update but the update never completes. Also, my phone hasn’t backed up since the iOS 9.3 update. Is there a fix. from iPhone 6s, iOS 9.3.5

I am trying to download subway surfers from the cloud but when I touch the cloud, it just spins the circle and goes back to a cloud, iPod touch, iOS 9.3.4

Actually, this is one of common iOS problems you may meet on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And many sites have offered the fixes on this iPhone apps won’t update problems. Now let’s follow the tips below to fix this problem.

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6 Tips to Fix iPhone 6/6s Apps Won’t Download and Update

Tip 1. Check Network connection

Make sure your iPhone to be connected to stable WiFi or cellular data network. And you should turn off “Airplane Mode”. If you don’t use Wi-Fi, open “Cellular “ menu and make sure it is turned on. If you use WiFi, just check whether it is be correctly connected with your router. In addition, the router should work normally and be connected to the Internet.

Tip 2. Check Apple ID

Make sure you are using the correct Apple ID to download and update apps on your iPhone 6/6s, especially when you have multiple IDs.

Tip 3. Restart App Store

Your Apps downloading may be frozen and stopped. So double press your Home button to turn off your App Store and re-open it and go to iPhone apps updating.

Tip 4. Restart or Force Restart Your iPhone 6/6s (Plus)

Just turn off your iPhone and then turn on by holding Power button. Or have a hard restart by holding both Sleep/Power and Home bottoms.

After Restart, now try to open your App store and re-download the updates on your iPhone 6/6s.

Tip 5. Delete iPhone Apps and Re-Download

Before do this, you should know all apps data will be deleted. If you don’t want this happen, jump to the next tip.

Tip 6. Update to Latest iOS

If your iPhone now is working in iOS 9 or iOS 9.1/9.2/9.3, you can choose to update to iOS 9.3.5 or recently released iOS update (It was said that the new iOS 10 will be released in 7th of this September), which may contains some fixes to solve your”won’t update issue”.

Tip 7. Apple AppStore Sever Problem – Wait….

Sometimes the problem is not on your side, but Apple AppStore itself. So just wait for Apple gives you the solution. Normally, this issue can be quickly fixed in a few days.

The above are only some basic tips to fix iPhone apps can’t be downloaded and updated. If you have some ideas, just post your comment below to share with us.




50 thoughts on “Fix iPhone 6/6s Apps Won’t Update/Download – iOS 9/9.3.5/10

  1. i have the same problem and i tried doing all these tips and they didn’t fix the issue. i think after the recent iOS update, some apps became incompatible to it, thus giving us this problem. i tried downloading candy crush and merriam webster and they downloaded just fine but when i tried downloading shareit or google chrome or facebook, it doesn’t complete.


  2. My apps won’t let me update either. When I click on update it ask for me to verify and to continue to billing to update payment method. The problem is when I put in my card info it kept telling me that my card is declined, which is untrue because I have money on my card. I checked my online bank statement and Apple Store charged me 5 times $2.13 on what they said was a “declined card” There was no reason for them to charge my card over $10.00. Sad to say I still can’t update my apps or download new apps. I tried everything from A to Z. I am going to call Apple to 1. Get my money back and 2. Get my apps updated.


  3. There’s something wrong with the App Store. Every app that I’ve had / deleted & tried to download again won’t download. It’s happened for all the apps I’ve tried to re-download. If I go into an Apple Store will they be able to help? Please fix this problem. This obviously isn’t just a one person problem.


  4. I’ve tried all these “tricks” numerous times for about 3 and a half months now yet some apps download and some haven’t, even with the most recent iOS update this problem still occurs. Netflix, Twitter ect. will not download on my phone. Why Apple has not fixed this problem is beyond me!


  5. I have 3 apps that needs an update and any time i click on the update it says apple ID disabled.I’ve reset my password using the Iforgot pattern and I still can’t update the apps.I’ve reset the phone and still can’t do anything about it.need assistance with it ASAP


  6. Hard reset let me download 2 apps. Rest of them are still stuck on my iPhone 6. Ditto for my iPad which I even tried restoring to factory settings erasing the entire thing. Nothing seems to work. Any other ideas?


  7. This was happening apple support suggested all these things I did them all to no avail, my brother started using my Apple ID on a iPhone 5 I lent him and all of a sudden when he downloaded apps to the iPhone 5 my iPhone 6 started to work again , however it only lasted about a week it’s gone back to not working at all .. I feel like apple owes us all a non faulty handset !!


  8. My iPhone 6s Plus won’t let me update apps and just keeps saying I need to enter my billing card even though they are free appa


  9. This is ridiculous I have 7 apple apple devices in my home and none of them will add/update — this is super frustrating. I’ve tried contacting pple but keep getting sent back to the FAQ’s page….


  10. GONON TO SETTINGS , press on iTunes and App stores go down and click the green switch to on next to apps . This should fix the problem (:


  11. I reset my settings after doing all the other things, like shutting down and it worked. It’s a bit of a pain but everything is running smoothly now. Do remember you will need to re-sign in to your wifi network and others and set up your passcodes/touch ID/Apple Pay.


  12. I did the hard reset didn’t work. Then I just signed out then back into my iTunes account. Kept saying it couldnt connect to iTunes Store. Then finally it connected and I could update my apps


  13. This is infuriating. I purchased a new iPhone and iPad unnecessarily because of this BS. I wasn’t able to update the iOS or any apps thinking I had an old phone or not enough space. I have only used 8gb of my new 64gb iPhone 6s. Never again with this bull b


  14. This company has gone to crap since Jobs died. I hope they go out of business again and stay out. Crapple will never get my business again. They should all burn in hell.


  15. For t-mobile I had to go to settings-iTunes & App Store and turn off “use cellular data”. Even though I was on wifi, if that is on, it will default to using cellular data for app downloads. T-mobile does(if you read the fine print) what they call “prioritize” your data. Drops it down to 2GB speed as opposed to the 4GLTE. Just like all the rest! Hope this helps!!! Peace


  16. I deleted snapchat because it was glitching, and I can’t reinstall it, it says I need to update it, but I can’t update a deleted app? It either shows up with the cloud and arrow icon (to reinstall) I click it, but then it says “update” and I click that, and nothing at all happens. I tried restarting my phone twice and logging in and out of my Apple ID, but that did not work either, please help!!


    • I’m having the same problem with the Netflix app. I tried to update to 8.9, nothing happened, I deleted the app to start over, and now I can’t even download a working version of the app because it keeps wanting me to “update.” Now I’m stuck using a version that’s over 1 year old because it was the last copy iTunes bothered to copy to my computer. I’d be completely unable to use Netflix at all if I didn’t have this backup.

      I’ve tried everything on this list and nothing resolves this issue. I can’t even download the app using iTunes on my computer. It says “downloading” and then immediately cancels without error.

      What’s the point of storing apps in the cloud if we can’t even download the apps? And since iTunes apparently doesn’t directly backup apps when backing up to a computer anymore, doing a restore won’t help either. Incredibly frustrating and stupid problem.


  17. apple sucks now. before jobs died i never had any issue and felt like apple was a supreme product. but now – that galaxy is looking nicer and nicer. i have had nothing my software issues- a hot and draining battery. definitely not the company it used to be. such a shame too – i will be upgrading to android.


  18. Solution from Verizon tech support:
    Go to Settings
    Go to General
    Go to Storage & iCloud Usage
    Go to Manage Storage
    Select app that isn’t updating
    Delete App
    Go to App Store
    Find the app you deleted and download it.

    Solved my problem!

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    • This works like a charm! The same fix also works for cases in which you’ve successfully updated an app, but the App Store is still showing a notification that it needs to be updated. Of course, you need to be careful here: When you delete an app, any data in that app that isn’t stored in the cloud will be lost.


  19. This is what I found on another site and it worked for me.

    Another trick is to open the App Store. Once you’re in the App Store screen, locate the Updates icon/tab at the bottom of the screen, and then hit that tab 10 times. Doing this will reset the App Store. After hitting the Updates tab 10 times, quickly tap Update on an app before they all switch to Open. You may need to do this several times but once the first update began you would be able to tap the option to Update All.
    Important Notes:

    The App screen may go blank for a few seconds before the App Store resets after tapping the Updates tab 10 times.
    You can also tap any of the other tab bar items on the App Store, 10 times. Among these items include Favorites, Top Charts, Explore, and Search.
    The aforesaid trick will clear the App Store cache on your iPhone. Corrupt cached files can trigger an application to act weird, as manifested by apps download or update problems on the App Store. That said, clearing cache on the App Store app is also recommended.


  20. I will try this solution. I experienced this during weekend. I uninstalled my facebook and twitter in my iphone 5s and when I try to download it again in appstore, I cannot download it. But I tired to download other app, then it download. The bottom line is , I cannot download the app again that I uninstalled. 😦


  21. After reading everyone comments, nothing work for me. I tried everything. I saw in setting, cellular, scroll down the the bottom, you would see uninstalled app with whatever space it taking. I reset my statistics and now I’m able to download Twitter and few other apps again! I have been struggling with this for over 6 months!


  22. Try turning LTE off and downloading on 3G. I tried everything prior to this and nothing worked. Slow download is better than no download.


  23. My iPhone 6+ will not upgrade to IOS 9.3. It won’t come up. When I go to settings and then update, it just keeps saying search for updates and never gets anywhere. My iPhone 4 updated and my iPad updated but I can’t get my iPhone to pull up the iOS 9.3 update. Any ideas?


  24. I downloaded the recent ios update, and now my password storage app wont accept my password. I have the iphone 6. As I enter each digit, it deletes the previous one. I havent updated my ipad, so thankfully I can still use my password storage app from there. Have tried rebooting the phone, but the app still wont work. I dont want to have to manually write down all the passwords, downoad a ew passowrd stroage app, and re add them. Any ideas what to do?
    Are these passwords stored on the icloud?


  25. My iPad Mini will not update some of my favorite apps and I am not sure I can live with out Netflix. None of these tips have worked for me and I don’t think I can make it another day without Netflix. When I go into the App Store and go to updates a loading sign or star appears next to the wifi symbol if that helps any


  26. I had this problem with iPhone 7 plus and ios10. Tried all the suggestions except erasing and restoring from backup.

    No matter what I tried, my iPhone always said I had 24 updates and the update process was frozen.

    I booted up iTunes on my MacBook Pro, dowloaded all updates on the Mac. connected my iPhone, and synced the iPhone. 21 apps were copied over from the Mac to iPhone including most of those showing as pending in iOS. I thought surely that would have solved the problem. No such luck. iOS still showed the same 24 apps to be updated.

    Hmmmm. At this point, I knew that most of the apps listed as needing updates in iOS had already been updated via syncing with iTunes on my Mac. They just weren’t showing as updated in the iOS App Store updates list.

    Finally, I tried turn on on cellular downloads in Settings for App Store automatic downloads in iOS, Voila! Instantly the App Store app update downloads count switched from 24 to 6. What’s more those 6 did actually download.

    Then I turned automatic cellular downloads back off. The app store app still shows zero apps needing to be updated. This simple procedure appears to have worked successfully.


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