How to Use Camera Timer on iPhone with iOS 8

How to Use and How the Timer Works on All iOS 8 Apple Devices

With the arrival of iOS 8, the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, the guys at the California firm added to the camera app several new features. These users now have the ability to use a timer. Such new feature can be beneficial for many users for several different reasons. Then we will see what they are and how to use the timer on the camera of the iPhone application with iOS 8.

Timer iPhone Camera Will Allow Us to Better Selfie

The ability to take a selfie using the back camera of the iPhone, which is higher quality than the front camera, is one of the main reasons why this feature is ideal. The other also allows the user to be in the picture when, for example, the pictures are in a group.

According to Apple’s description of this new feature in the iPhone’s camera with iOS 8:

The group photos usually require some coordination. Timer lets everyone put in place. Have 3 to 10 seconds to take a series of photos with burst mode. Your friends will thank you with their best poses.

Although this is a fairly simple feature to use, some users wonder how it is configured to use it. Here we explain briefly how.

  • Open the Camera application.
  • Click on the clock icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Currently two options, one of three seconds and another 10 seconds we appear.
  • We select the one we want.
  • We focus and give the button to make the picture.

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The New iPhone Let You Blast Up to 10 Photos With Timer

Appears automatically in the time I used the timer on the screen a countdown that shows us the time left to make the photo. Also, when we do the photo through an iPhone, while we’re taking the photo, the LED will flash indicating when you switch off every second and in the last three seconds, the flashing gets faster.

If you use the timer on an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus , these devices can take pictures in burst mode, taking 10 images very quickly.

It is important to note that when using the self-timer on an iPad or iPod Touch there is no visual indicator that lets us know how much time is left until the photo has been performed by the lack of LED flash.


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