Apple iCloud Does Not Work As It Should Be


There are already several years running iCloud, and the reality is that it is still in beta in almost all respects. It seems incredible that the first company to bet on the cloud storage (and I mean the first major companies) with synchronization options, storage and many other services based on the cloud has been the most stagnant has been in implementing its own system, seeing how Google and Microsoft the same forward, and with many free options that remain more attractive despite the price cut that Apple has made ​​upon presentation of iOS 8 and Yosemite.

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One of the best examples about how iCloud does not work properly is storing photos in iCloud. After several attempts to establish a system that serves to store photos in the cloud automatically, Apple seems now opt for a “classic” synchronization, allowing automatic upload photos and videos regardless of the date and the ability to access to them from any Internet browser. One idea is nothing new but nevertheless is still in beta as Apple itself. And that was the same Steve Jobs who initiated this project photos in the cloud, and we are still a Beta.

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iCloud Photos

Continuing problems come with synchronizing files, an iCloud Drive to delete files from users, developers complain that their applications doesn’t work as they should be with Apple’s service. In short too many problems for a company that does not usually have them on these issues that directly affect the user. And not worth the excuse that the internal structure of Apple itself prevents the proper development of iCloud, because that is fixed in five minutes devoting a computer system development. Until Apple iCloud not take seriously, so continue.


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