2 Ways to Sync Ringtones to New iPhone 7

Recently I went through a question on Apple Communities sayingI bought a new iphone 7. I did the backup and restore, and everything is good, but I don’t have any of my ringtones on my new iphone 7. How can I get them without having to buy them again?”.

As it said in the question, you cannot put ringtones to new iPhone 7 from your old device by restoring with iTunes or iCloud. Because you can’t backup ringtones to iTunes or iCloud. So what can you do to sync ringtones from iPhone to iPhone?

Sync Purchased Ringtones to New iPhone 7 with iTunes

With iTunes, you can sync all purchased items from old iPhone to new iPhone. In this way, you can transfer some purchased ringtones to your new iPhone 7.

1, Transfer Purchased Items from Old iPhone to iTunes

Actually, iTunes allows you to sync purchased items to iTunes from your iPhone. After launch iTunes on your computer and connect your old iPhone to iTunes, you can find one item named “Transfer Purchased from…” under iTunes menu > File > Devices, which helps you import purchased songs, ringtones and others from your iPhone to iTunes.

transfer purchased ringtones from old iPhone

transfer purchased ringtones from old iPhone

2, Sync All Items from iTunes to iPhone 7

After importing all purchased items to iTunes, now you can sync your iTunes library to iPhone 7. You should connect your iPhone 7 to computer. After iTunes recognizes your device, click your iPhone 7 icon and go to Settings > Tones to Sync Tones to your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

sync tones to new iPhone 7

sync tones to new iPhone 7

Transfer Non-Purchased Ringtones to iPhone 7

iTunes and iCloud are unhelpful in transferring Non-Purchased items between your old iPhone and new iPhone. And AirDrop cannot transfer ringtones, too. In this case, you have to re-make some custom ringtones by using some best iPhone ringtone apps and sync them to your iPhone 7, or using some professional transfer tools, such as AnyTrans, which allows you to transfer selected ringtones between two iOS devices.

AnyTrans official download url: AnyTrans Mac and Windows Verson >>


Transfer Music from Old iPhone to New iPhone SE Directly

This week, Apple released its powerful small iPhone SE, with A9 advanced chip, 12-megapixel camera and 4K videos. In this Spring, you may have decided to get one. So after that, you may would like to put all of your songs from your old iPhone to this new iPhone SE.

How to Transfer Music Between Two iPhone

Airdrop may be your favorite feature on iPhone to share files to another iOS device or to a Mac. But it couldn’t support music sharing. So you may considered to use iTunes to sync songs from one iPhone to another and put music to your iPhone SE. But it’s well known that iTunes doesn’t allow you to sync from iPhone to computer or directly to another iPhone. So is there some simple method to transfer from iPhone to iPhone?

In this post, we will use a professional transfer software – AnyTrans to copy iTunes library to your new bought iPhone SE, which is quite simple. After downloading this software, we can easily make it by following 3 steps.

Step 1. Open AnyTrans, and connect both of old iPhone and iPhone SE to computer via USB cables. Choose old iPhone panel.

Select Old iPhone Panel - iPhone SE Music Transfer

Select Old iPhone Panel – iPhone SE Music Transfer

Step 2. Click Audio > Music on old iPhone panel.

Select Music Category -  iPhone SE Music Transfer

Select Music Category – iPhone SE Music Transfer

Step 3. Select songs and click “To Device” to put songs to iPhone SE.

Preivew Songs and Transfer - iPhone SE Music Transfer

Preivew Songs and Transfer – iPhone SE Music Transfer

Source: How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone – iMobie

Copy Multiple Contacts from Old iPhone to New iPhone 6/6s

iPhone is different from Android in transferring contacts to new phone. For Android, you can easily get all contacts to new mobile phone by just moving SIM card. But for iPhone, you have to use iCloud sync. And If you plan to transfer only some specific contacts between two iPhone, it seems a little complicated. For you to better understand how to copy contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone, especially when you buy a new iPhone 6/6s, we offer two methods below.

How to Sync All Contacts Between Two iPhones

iCloud sync enables you to easily sync all contacts among iOS devices. To use this feature, you should use the same iCloud account on both of your iPhone, and the whole process of syncing contacts from one iPhone to another is super easy.

Just go to Settings app > iCloud, and enable Contacts on both of your iPhones. And after you turn on iCloud Contacts, it will merge contacts on device and iCloud. After all done, you will have the same contacts on both of your devices.

Sync Contacts Between Two iPhones

Sync Contacts Between Two iPhones

Transfer Multiple Contacts from One iPhone to Another

iCloud can’t help you transfer only a part of contacts from one iPhone to another or sync contacts to a device in a different Apple ID. And what you need are some other tools, such as Email and some professional iPhone transfer tool.

Email is suitable to transfer a small part of contacts – you can attach some contacts to Email and send them to your another email account, and then receive these attached contacts on another iPhone.

Of course, an professional tool, such as AnyTrans, could make iPhone contacts transfer easier and faster, no matter how many contacts you want to transfer between two iPhones. Refer to AnyTrans guide: how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone >>

AnyTrans - transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone

AnyTrans – transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone

2 Ways to Transfer Text Messages/iMessages to New iPhone 6/6s/7

How to transfer text messages and iMessages from old iPhone to new iPhone 6/6s/SE or new released iPhone 7? 

My friend Alvin told me that he just got his new iPhone 6s and plan to sell his old iPhone 5. But before selling, he want to copy text messages and iMessages to his new iPhone 6s.

And recently this September, it rumored that Apple would release its new iPhone generation – iPhone 7. No doubt that there would be so many people buy this new iPhone. And just like Alvin, if you are one of these people and own two iPhones, you may want to copy all messages to new iPhone. About how to make this, you can read this post to get some tips about transferring text messages, iMessages and attached files to another iPhone, no matter it is 6/6s/SE or iPhone 7.

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Copy All Messages Between Two iPhones via iTunes and iCloud

As Apple said, iPhone messages data can be backed up to iCloud or iTunes. And you can restore another iPhone with the backup to get all data to the iPhone, including the messages you backed up.

However, what you should know is that iTunes or iCloud backup contains not only iPhone messages, which means you have no choice to backup only messages to iCloud or iTunes and transfer only text messages, iMessages and attachments to another iPhone.

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Method to Transfer Only Messages to New iPhone 6/6s/SE

If you search on Google about how to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone, you may find some tools could make it and transfer only messages from one iPhone to another. For example, AnyTrans new added features – Clone and Merge enables iPhone users to transfer only messages from one iPhone to another. Of course, this kind of tools also helps iPhone users transfer other types of data.

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Maybe you have some good ideas about how to transfer text messages, iMessages and attachments from old iPhone to new iPhone, be free to talk about it by leaving a comment below, which may be useful to other people.

Share and Transfer Files between iPhone and iPhone (Mac) via AirDrop

Since Apple released Yosemite and iOS 7, the Information-Transferring between iPhone and iPhone (Mac) become easier. With AirDrop on your Mac or iPhone, you can easily and quickly transfer data – Photos, Voice Memos, Videos which on Share Sheet – from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Mac.

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3 Steps to Share and Send Files between iPhones over WiFi and Bluetooth via AirDrop

Step 1. Enable your AirDrop on your iPhone. Launch Control Center > Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi > Tap AirDrop > Choose Contacts Only or Everyone.

Step 2. Choose contents you want to share. Tap content > Click Share Button

Step 3. Transfer to your friends or family by taping his head pic.

Problems about AirDrop /AirDrop not Work/Can’t Airdrop

  1. Airdrops for Mac Denies Permission Problem.

You can try the method below to solve this problem:

Go to Apple menu > System Preferences>Users & Groups>Apple ID> then click ‘Change’ next to Apple ID. Enter your Apple ID password, and then disassociate the Apple ID from your account. Select the Apple ID, and then click Delete (-). Then to re-associate same Apple ID with your account, click Add (+). Do this on both machines and try using AirDrop again.

  1. Can’t Find Contact/People/Headpic I Want to Transfer to.

Try: “Set iPhone Airdrop to Everyone” and Wait for a minutes; Keep iPhone Screen On and Avoid iPhone to be in “Do Not Disturb” Mode; Make sure the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on and in a short distant between two iPhones

Features you should know about Airdrop when using it to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone:

  1. Only Support iOS Devices iOS 7 or Later.

And Apple said AirDrop is available on iPhone 5 or later, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation) and requires an iCloud account.

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  1. Over Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connection.

It’s advantage and either disadvantage because the transferring from iPhone to iPhone may be stopped by accidentally when facing a bad Wi-Fi connection.


Sharing data with Airdrop is limited to sharing a small amount of files and data between different iOS devices, and AirDrop can’t support transferring iPhone to PC. If you want to share a large number of files and data between your iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to PC/Mac and iPhone to iPad/iPod. or your device doesn’t support AirDrop, you can use some other data-transferring tool for help.





How to Transfer Contacts Between Two iPhones

Apple frequently releases new versions of iPhone, and most of users have been used to upgrade your device to the latest iPhone. If you are one of them, you must have been confused that how to get contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone. Normally you can easily make it by syncing with iCloud, while what if your two iPhones will use two different Apple IDs?

In this post we will offer you a quick and easy method to transfer contacts directly between two iPhones. No matter whether you are using same Apple ID on your devices, you can make it in minutes. Absolutely, you can’t make it without outside help. You need to choose a professional iOS data transfer tool – iMobie AnyTrans, which allows you to move anything you like among iDevices, iTunes library and computer.

Free Download AnyTrans, and then start our tutorial about how to transfer contacts between two iPhones directly.

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How to Transfer Contacts Between Two iPhones Directly with iMobie AnyTrans

Step 1: Install and launch AnyTrans on your computer (Mac or PC), and then connect both of your iPhones to computer with their USB cables.

Step 2: On Homepage of AnyTrans, click the tap of your old iPhone, and then click Contacts to enter contacts manage page.

How to Transfer Contacts Between Two iPhones

How to Transfer Contacts Between Two iPhones

Step 3: Choose the contacts you want to transfer to another iPhone, and then Click To Device button to transfer contacts to your new iPhone with ease.

How to Transfer Contacts Between Two iPhones  - Step 3

How to Transfer Contacts Between Two iPhones – Step 3


  • When transferring contacts with AnyTrans, you won’t lose any previous contact on your device.
  • This method also can be used to transfer contacts between iPhone and iPad, and iPhone and iPod touch, even between any two iDevices.
  • Except transferring contacts, AnyTrans also can be used to transfer Photos, Videos, Music, Notes, Messages and any other iOS content.

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Doesn’t it sound hard? With AnyTrans, you can easily copy your iOS contents from one iDevice to another iDevice. Why Not Download AnyTrans and Give It a Try Now >

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