How to Get Back iOS 10 Disappeared Photos 

“It notice me to update software on my device. but after update to iOS 10.1 today, all of my photos disappeared from my iPhone 6, how can i get back my deleted photos? “

It’s deeply frustrating if you lost all iPhone photos after iOS upgrade. Usually, there are some basic tips that you can have a try to get back disappeared photos after iOS update failure, such as restart iPhone, re-login iCloud account, or turn on your iCloud Photos Stream or iCloud Photo Library. Below we gives you some of these tips.

Get Back Lost Photos from iCloud

Usually, your iPhone photos will be automatically backed up to iCloud if you keep logging into iCloud and turning on My Photo Stream or iCloud Photo Library. You can check whether the photos are stored on your iCloud by logging in

iOS 10.1 Deleted All Photos

iOS 10.1 Deleted All Photos – Get Back Missing Photos from

If you turn on iCloud Backup under Settings > iCloud > Backup, your device will be automatically backed up to iCloud in some specific condition, which means you have chance to get back photos from your recent iCloud Backup. But before you restore your device from the iCloud backup, you’d better use some iCloud backup viewers to see whether there are some lost photos in the backups.

Get Back Missing Pictures from iTunes Backup

If you are used to running iTunes to backup your iPhone iPad, you are lucky because your missing photos are probably in the backup. And you can restore your device to get back what iOS 10 deleted. Of course, if you want to know what’s in the backups, you can use some top backup viewing tools.

How to Restore from iTunes/iCloud Backup

Apple offers you the details on restoring, you can refer to:

Source: iPhone photos disappeared – iMobie


Go to Hide Your iPhone Pictures/Photos – IOS 8

Sure on more than one occasion we have been asked to give our iPhone to someone to try or just have a see.As strange as it is, it may be that the first icon you press either the reel pictures of our iPhone or iPad. According to the trust we have with our friend we can get it out of the hands of a blow or direct amicably that there does not have to mess with.

The latest operating system for iDevices — iOS 8 allows us to hide pictures to avoid being seen by third parties to which neither they will not come to them. Each makes your mobile the photos you want and most of the time no problem in showing them, but sometimes is not the case, but just have to see the pictures of iCloud theft that occurred a few months ago and was named as Celebgate.

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The first thing to know is that the hide option allows us to stop displaying the images we select from our albums. Only they remain hidden in the Photos section within the application with the same name. This option is in first place in the bottom of the application. In the Albums section you will find all the photos you have hidden inside a folder with the same name. If we want to hide an image just have to click on the photograph in question for two seconds and a menu with two options appear: copy and hide. Click on the second option.

Clicking hide a confirmation message informs us that the image in question is concealed from all albums can be included except where the spool section is displayed. As you know if we believe in iOS Photo albums do not move those albums, but still show both the spool as on the album.


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