How to Print Messages Conversations on iPhone 7 (Plus)

How to Print Messages on iPhone 7

How to Print Messages on iPhone 7

Have been using iPhone 7 for some days, you stored so many messages threads on new mobile phone? With various effects and emojis, you are suggested to clean your Messages app. But before deleting messages, you may want to backup and print some funny, valuable and important messages conversation. So how to print messages on iPhone 7?

How to Print A Messages on iPhone 7?

If you just want to print a message, it could be very simple. Just capture a screenshot of the message and send the screenshot to your computer, then you can print it.

  1. Capture a screenshot >
  2. Send screenshot to computer using email or instant messaging service >
  3. Print the screenshot with printer >

How to Print Whole Message Conversation on iPhone 7?

But what if you want to print a complete message conversation.? It seems a little hard.

If you plan to print message chatting history of one person, you may need the help of some professional iPhone managing tool, such as AnyTrans. This tool helps you save message conversation to printable files on your computer. In this way, you can print the whole message conversation on your iPhone 7.

Source: Print Text Messages on iPhone – AnyTrans


2 Ways to Transfer Text Messages/iMessages to New iPhone 6/6s/7

How to transfer text messages and iMessages from old iPhone to new iPhone 6/6s/SE or new released iPhone 7? 

My friend Alvin told me that he just got his new iPhone 6s and plan to sell his old iPhone 5. But before selling, he want to copy text messages and iMessages to his new iPhone 6s.

And recently this September, it rumored that Apple would release its new iPhone generation – iPhone 7. No doubt that there would be so many people buy this new iPhone. And just like Alvin, if you are one of these people and own two iPhones, you may want to copy all messages to new iPhone. About how to make this, you can read this post to get some tips about transferring text messages, iMessages and attached files to another iPhone, no matter it is 6/6s/SE or iPhone 7.

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Copy All Messages Between Two iPhones via iTunes and iCloud

As Apple said, iPhone messages data can be backed up to iCloud or iTunes. And you can restore another iPhone with the backup to get all data to the iPhone, including the messages you backed up.

However, what you should know is that iTunes or iCloud backup contains not only iPhone messages, which means you have no choice to backup only messages to iCloud or iTunes and transfer only text messages, iMessages and attachments to another iPhone.

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Method to Transfer Only Messages to New iPhone 6/6s/SE

If you search on Google about how to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone, you may find some tools could make it and transfer only messages from one iPhone to another. For example, AnyTrans new added features – Clone and Merge enables iPhone users to transfer only messages from one iPhone to another. Of course, this kind of tools also helps iPhone users transfer other types of data.

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Maybe you have some good ideas about how to transfer text messages, iMessages and attachments from old iPhone to new iPhone, be free to talk about it by leaving a comment below, which may be useful to other people.

How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to Computer

One iPhone 6/6s – Apple new released smartphone would be some good choice if you wan to buy for a gift. And few iPhone buyer would be regretful for their decision like me.

If you are one iPhone users, you will find some limitation that apply to Apple iPhone device, For example, iPhone users are very limited in what they can actually do with your SMS conversations. Transferring SMS messages from iPhone to a computer seems almost impossible.

Luckily, some iOS content management tool like iMobie AnyTrans is developed to transfer text messages from iPhone to computer, no matter what model of iPhone (iPhone 3gs > iPhone 6s plus) you are working with, no matter what kind of messages you want to transfer to computer, which is also useful for iPad and iPod users.

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How to Transfer Messages from iPhone to Computer Directly

Step 1: Free download AnyTrans > Run it on your computer > Connect your iPhone to computer.

Step 2: Select and click Contacts to enter contacts Manage page.

How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to Computer

How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to Computer

Step 3: Select the contacts you want to transfer to computer > Click to Computer button to export messages from iPhone to computer.

How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to Computer - Step 3

How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to Computer – Step 3


  • By following this guide, you can easily get messages from iPhone to Mac or Windows computer for viewing, printing or backing up.
  • This tutorial also can be applied to transfer iMessages from iPad to computer.
  • Except transferring messages from iPhone to computer, AnyTrans also can be used to transfer messages between two iPhones.

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The Bottom Line

As you can see, it is easy enough to transfer messages from iPhone to computer with the help of AnyTrans. Absolutely, with AnyTrans you can do more, like transfer other iOS contents (including, Photos, Music, Videos, iBooks, Podcast, Contacts, Notes, etc) to computer or to other iDevices; extract the data you want from iTunes or iCloud backup, and easily manage your iOS contents to keep them organized. Anyway, AnyTrans is the powerful iOS contents management tool you can’t miss.

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