iPhone 7 Doesn’t Display Contacts Name in Messages App

After updating to iOS 10.1, you may found that your contacts names gone with only messages contents display on your Messages app. In this situation, how can you get back your contacts on your iPhone 7. Below we collected some tips that you can use and have a try to get back contacts name back to your iPhone 7 messages app.

How to Get Back Contacts Name on iPhone Messages App

Method 1. Hard Reset

Hard Reset could be a common way to fix this your messages problem and get back disappeared contacts name. Just hold on both Home and Power buttons till your iPhone goes black and restart.

Method 2. Reset Network Settings

It’s said this tip is helpful for solving your contacts name gone issue. By simply going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Setting, you can get it. After reset all network settings, make sure to re-connect your Cellular or Wi-Fi.

Method 3. Update Software

You can update software to be latest if there are some new versions of iOS to fix this problems. You contacts issues may be some iOS bugs.

Method 4. iCloud, Gmail or some other cloud contacts service.

If you are using iCloud Contacts, Gmail Contacts or some other cloud contacts services, you should make sure you have turned on them on Settings > Contacts > Accounts.

Source: iPhone Contacts Disappeared After iOS Update