iPhone Contacts Disappeared After Update to iOS 9.3.5/iOS 10

I recently read a question on Apple Communities, it said as below:

“I was updating my iPhone 6 to iOS 9.3.5, last night and this morning when i looked at my phone several of my contacts were missing. I tried to put a dare range to it but it doesn’t make sense. Some contacts that I have were added only months ago, while I am missing some that I have had for years.”

You may also meet this issue. Because, in the process of updating to a new iOS operating system, no matter recently iOS 9.3.5 or upcoming iOS 10, your device will be backed up and then restored. In the whole process, you should keep your iPhone connected to computer or iCloud in a stable state, or you may lose something. In this post, we give you some tips about how to restore iPhone contacts. If your iPhone contacts disappeared after iOS update, these tips may be helpful.

How to Get Back Missing Contacts on iPhone

  1. Restart your device, or Force restart your device.
  2. If you are using iCloud, you can go to iCloud.com to check whether your lost contacts are there. Or you can try to turn off iCloud and then login.
  3. If you are using Google contacts or some other email contacts, you can login your email contacts to get back lost contacts. Or re-login your email on your iOS device to retrieve disappeared contacts.
  4. If you have created an iOS backup, you can restore your device with the latest backup to get your lost contacts. Of course, sometimes when you don’t know whether the backup contains contacts, you can use backup viewers to check whether the contacts are backed up to the backup.

Fix iPhone Cannot Search Contacts in Spotlight Search [iOS 9]

“When using Spotlight Search and typing letter to get one contact I know, I failed. I tried many times on my iPhone 6, finally found there was no contact that could come out in the result search page no matter what letter I typed. I found it happened after I update my iPhone to iOS 9, so how can I fix this problem”.

Recently, so many iPhone users encountered this iOS 9 problem about iPhone contacts missing in Spotlight search result. And it happened to some iOS 9.0.1/9.0.2 users also. In this post, we provide one tip for you to have a try, which is extremely simple and helps some people out of this issue. Now let’s check it.

How to Fix Spotlight Search Contact Missing Problem in iOS 9/iOS 9.0.2

  1.  Go to Contacts app on your iPhone and tap “Group” on the top-left corner.
    Contacts Missing from Spotlight Search iOS 9
    Fix Contacts Missing in Spotlight Search iOS 9
  2.  Deselect all groups to make sure no contacts appearing in the contact list.
    Deselect and Reselect Contacts Group
    Deselect and Reselect Contacts Group
  3. Reselect the groups again and reactive all of your contacts.
  4. Check whether your problem solved by searching contacts in Spotlight Search

Source: iOS contacts not appearing in Spotlight search

Welcome any comments about how to solve this iOS 9/9.0.2 problem. And your idea may help others!

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