iPhone 7 Calendar Not Syncing with iPad/iPod touch

“I have synced my iPad calendar to iCloud, and now why my iPhone 7 calendar not syncing with iCloud? I have updated my iPhone 7 to the latest software. Still not work!”

iPhone Calendar app always contains something important you need, such as meeting date and sb’s birthday. After purchasing a new iPhone 7, you may want to sync these important info from old device to your new iPhone 7, keep the info with you on the way.

However, you may have encountered some issues that stop you from syncing your iPhone calendar with iCloud. Then how to fix it? Below we gives you some tips that may be helpful.

How to Fix “iPhone Calendar Not Syncing with iCloud”

Tip 1. Turn off iCloud Calendar and then turn on.

Tip 2. Restart your iPhone and re-try.

Tip 3. Check whether you turn on Push by going to Settings > Calendar > Accounts > Fetch New Data > iCloud.

Tip 4. Check your network connection, make sure it works well.

Tip 5. Use alternative way, some transferring tool, for example AnyTrans can merge Calendar, contacts and messages from old device to new device.