iPhone 6/6s App Disappeared After Updating to iOS 9.3.4/10

“After updating to iOS 9.3.4, noticed my twitter app accidentally missing from my iPhone 6s. And I searched it on Spotlight, but there was no result. How can I get back my missing app?”

Normally, we can quickly find one app by searching its name in Spotlight bar on our iPhone. If we can’t find what we want in this way, the app may be deleted. In this situation, we can re-download it from App Store.

However, there is one iOS problem: after updating to a new iOS or restoring from iTunes/iCloud, some apps disappear from screen, and you cannot re-download it from App Store, and sometimes, it shows “Open” (App Store shows it was installed). So what can you do to get out of this trouble?

How to Recover Disappeared App on iPhone 6/6s

Tip 1. restart your iPhone.

Tip 2. check whether iPhone restriction prevent the app showing up.

Tip 3. delete the apps on Settings

  • Step 1. Run Settings app on your iPhone 6,  and then go to General > Storage & iCloud Storage > Mange Storage (Storage).
  • Step 2. Find whether the app is listed. If it is listed, tap it and delete it.
  • Step 3. Run App Store, tap “Updated” on the bottom menu bar, and download your wanted app from Purchased on iCloud.

If you have some better ideas of fixing missing apps on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, be free to share them on the comment section.

Source: Fix App Problems on iPhone iPad