iCoud Storage is Full? How to Clean?

Do you often get a messages from your iPhone telling you that you have no storage to backup your iPhone to iCloud? And it keeps on requiring you to “Upgrade Storage” just like the screenshot shows below.

iCloud Storage Full

iCloud Storage Full

iCloud gives your only 5GB storage for free, which is always not enough for an iOS device. However, it’s necessary for you to backup you iPhone iPad frequently to avoid data loss. So do you need to upgrade your iCloud account to 50GB, 200GB or 1TB?

You normally needn’t. What you should do is just backing up only what you care about instead of all on your device.  Now let’s get the way to clean your iCloud storage and take the most use of your limited iCloud storage.

How to Clean iCloud Storage

1, Apple allows you to delete old iCloud backup to free up your iCloud storage.

In iOS 9, you can go to Settings app > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage (iCloud). Tap your name of device > Delete Backup  > Turn Off & Delete.

2, iCloud Photos Library takes up your iCloud storage. So you can remove some photos and videos on your device to get more space. Of course, before removing, you can backup your photos/videos to computer.

3, iCloud Drive and iCloud Mail also use your iCloud space. So you should clean these apps to make more room.

Generally speaking, iCloud is useful to backup data on your device, but its storage is limited. So  the best way is that you can use it to save some important texts, such as messages, contacts, safari info, notes or calendar events. But for some big files, such as photos and voice memos, you can choose another way to backup them.