AirDrop Won’t Work in iOS 9.3.2

airdrop not working

airdrop not working

“After latest update of iOS 9.3.2 and hard reset and network reset, no resolvement. Anyone else having this problem? When tapping on air drop and sharing photos, won’t search for nearby contacts or anyone if tapped on contacts Only / Everyone”

One iPhone 6 users asked for help on iOS 9.3.2 Airdrop not working problem.

As one of iPhone or iPad users, you may also catch this issue and find your Airdrop won’t work on your device. In this situation, what can you do to get your airdrop work again. Below are some basic tips to this issue. Now let’s check the list.

How To Fix AirDrop Not Working in iOS 9/9.3.1/9.3.2

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  • Turn off and then turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Force restart your devices. Hold on both of “Power” and “Home” buttons for several seconds.
  • Turn off and then turn on iCloud at Settings > iCloud.
  • Update iOS to latest version.
  • Reset Networks at Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  • Use alternative tools, such as iTunes, Email, Instant Messenger,or professional transfer tool – AnyTrans, to share songs, pictures, contacts, etc on your device.

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Share and Transfer Files between iPhone and iPhone (Mac) via AirDrop

Since Apple released Yosemite and iOS 7, the Information-Transferring between iPhone and iPhone (Mac) become easier. With AirDrop on your Mac or iPhone, you can easily and quickly transfer data – Photos, Voice Memos, Videos which on Share Sheet – from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Mac.

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3 Steps to Share and Send Files between iPhones over WiFi and Bluetooth via AirDrop

Step 1. Enable your AirDrop on your iPhone. Launch Control Center > Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi > Tap AirDrop > Choose Contacts Only or Everyone.

Step 2. Choose contents you want to share. Tap content > Click Share Button

Step 3. Transfer to your friends or family by taping his head pic.

Problems about AirDrop /AirDrop not Work/Can’t Airdrop

  1. Airdrops for Mac Denies Permission Problem.

You can try the method below to solve this problem:

Go to Apple menu > System Preferences>Users & Groups>Apple ID> then click ‘Change’ next to Apple ID. Enter your Apple ID password, and then disassociate the Apple ID from your account. Select the Apple ID, and then click Delete (-). Then to re-associate same Apple ID with your account, click Add (+). Do this on both machines and try using AirDrop again.

  1. Can’t Find Contact/People/Headpic I Want to Transfer to.

Try: “Set iPhone Airdrop to Everyone” and Wait for a minutes; Keep iPhone Screen On and Avoid iPhone to be in “Do Not Disturb” Mode; Make sure the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on and in a short distant between two iPhones

Features you should know about Airdrop when using it to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone:

  1. Only Support iOS Devices iOS 7 or Later.

And Apple said AirDrop is available on iPhone 5 or later, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation) and requires an iCloud account.

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  1. Over Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connection.

It’s advantage and either disadvantage because the transferring from iPhone to iPhone may be stopped by accidentally when facing a bad Wi-Fi connection.


Sharing data with Airdrop is limited to sharing a small amount of files and data between different iOS devices, and AirDrop can’t support transferring iPhone to PC. If you want to share a large number of files and data between your iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to PC/Mac and iPhone to iPad/iPod. or your device doesn’t support AirDrop, you can use some other data-transferring tool for help.