Goodbye to Unknown Numbers: iOS 9 Tell You Who Calling

Call from Unknown Number - iOS 9

Call from Unknown Number – iOS 9

Apple released iOS 9, the newest version of its mobile devices’ operating system. The most attractive features of this iOS would be MultiTasking that enables you use two apps at the same time, and battery Saving-Mode. And also some hidden features are provided such as Safari Ads Blocking. But although these features are good, they are not something creative. Well,  new iOS 9 make a good improve to add some other item when you receiving an unknown call.

Each time you receive a call from your contacts, iPhone will show the name of the person calling you. And now, it is possible that Apple will show you the name of the unknown calling person which is not listed in your contact just like the screenshot below, which is a little interesting and useful sometimes.

This interesting iOS 9 feature comes from an analysis of the contacts you have stored in your emails. And we don’t know whether it is safe about this feature that Apple accesses our email content without our permission.  In addition, this feature is useless if there is no info about the secret coming number in your Email app.

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WhatsApp Removed Call iCon from Its Latest Version for iPhone

The Instant Messaging Service – WhatsApp Updated its latest version of iPhone (iOS). They said it is for “Fixing Bugs”. If you download and run it, you will find the call icon button have been removed from the conversation interface.

When and How Call iCon Started?

A year ago, WhatsApp let us know at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona before summer introduce voice calls over the IP protocol. On them were correct to detail that would be stable even on 2G coverage, a challenge for the company of Mark Zuckerberg by the number of users worldwide using its instant messaging service on these networks. Meanwhile, we have already seen the Mobile World Congress 2015, has gone a full year and still WhatsApp launch this new feature.

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Call Button = Useless?

In February 2015, WhatsApp started the call button on its chatting interface, which every WhatsApp funs expected. But when testing, some users complained that the calling on WhatApp is charged and useless.

“Though call button has appeared near contact but the call is being charged at normal calling rates.” — one comment from NDTV

We can get nothing about free but to call our contacts. This icon was visible in individual conversations and served as a shortcut for a regular voice call, no VoIP calls. Obviously, the usefulness of this icon was nil, why has removed all traces of it in the last update.

iPhone Users Can Not Reach Web Version of WhatsApp

One of the most popular instant messaging worldwide – WhatsApp, just released its web version for the desktop. It means that WhatsApp users can use web browse to chat with their friends and families. But now, it only supports Google Chrome and WhatsApp said Apple users now can not use this web version at present.

WhatsApp Web Don't Support iPhone Users

Open in Google Chrome, you will find Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Nokia, but no iPhone.

How The Web Version of WhatApps Work?

Open, and scan the QR code, you can access the web version and freely chat with friends or family members, and the WhatsApp messages on your devices will be automatically synced to web.

WhatsApp Web on Chrome

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The disadvantage is that you have to download the latest version WhatsApp on your phone device and keep it connected to the Internet when you using the web version of WhatsApp.

Why the Web Version of WhatApp Don’t Support iOS?

The web version WhatsApp service works properly on Android, Win Phone and BlackBerry, but completely bypasses iOS devices manufactured by Apple Inc. As indicated by the WhatsApp owner: “Unfortunately for now, we are able to offer the web client to iOS users due to the limitations of the Apple platform.” It is well known that the bitten apple company has a really protective instincts for their services, causing a lot of useful applications can not be used on your iPhone, which could directly affect the service WhatsApp Web.

Update iPhone 5S to iOS 8.1.2 or iOS 8.2 Beta 4?

Newest iOS 8.2 Beta 4 Released to Support Apple Watch 

As you know, Apple has recently released the latest beta version of iOS 8.2 – iOS 8.2 Beta 4. And anyone with access to developer account can (OTA) update to this new version of iOS 8 on their iPhones or iPad. Just like what the future iOS 8.2aim to do, the features of beta 4 version is mainly for the Apple Watch and Watchkit, not focusing so much for fixing the problems of iOS 8.

Test: iOS 8.1.2 vs iOS 8.2 beta 4 on iPhone 5S (Video)

The performance of iPhone 5s with iOS 8.2 Beta 4 is similar to the same device with the current iOS 8.1.2. However, in some respects, with the new beta of iOS 8.2, this device has become slower, such as power and speed to open applications.

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Want to Update to iOS 8.2 Beta 4? (Very Useful Tips)

iOS 8.2 Beta 4 Supported Devices:

Any iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPad Air 1/2, iPad mini 1/2/3, iPad 2/3 and iPod touch 5.

How to Prepare Your iPhone for new iOS 8

How to Update to iOS 8 on your iPhone

What to do after iOS 8 Updated


WhatsApp Updated for iPhone 6 (Plus) with New iOS 8/8.1.2/8.1.3

WhatsApp has been optimized specially for the new iPhone 6 (Plus) and iOS 8. The iOS version of WhatsApp Messenger has been updated on Monday January 17 to version 2.11.14, which makes much better performance on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. After backing up your important whatsApp, you can now try the new versions for iOS 8/8.1.2/8.1.3 on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus freely.

As you may recall WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded applications in different stores, either Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store App Store and Windows Phone.

The screens of the new devices are much bigger than previous versions of iPhone,  which is main problem for users to use  the old version WhatsApp. So the tech guys opened with this giant-sized devices and started to this alters on WhatsApp.

After the update, the owners of the 4.7 inches screen iPhone 6 and the 5.5 inches iPhone 6 Plus can use the application without any problem. Only WhatsApp update directly from the AppStore can see the good things in this application.

It took a while, but anyway, arrived. After all, the new iPhone was launched in September. That is, they were nearly two months of operation with WhatsApp Apple devices.

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The Photos iCon on is Missing

The owners of an iPhone or iPad to have photos on the Apple iCloud service can not view the photos on that are stored in the cloud. As you can see in the picture, the photos app in iCloud has disappeared and users cannot access photos stored on this service.

Photo App Missing iCloud WebsiteDon’t Miss: Access iCloud Photos Easily Without Login

It is likely that the service is found missing a few days ago, but surely the desire to synchronize the computer or watch New Year’s Eve photos taken by millions of iPhone users via iCloud is what could cause the problem detected.

All those who have Apple iCloud account and who have not yet realized, can see how the application is not listed among those that are available online so trying to enter the URL and identifying. Then an error window with the message “Unable to load photos shown. A problem arose while loading the application. “(It seems that this error has been fixed now)

It seems that it is only this application that users can not access, and therefore have no chance to get in to see the photos from the browser, while the synchronization between iPhone and iPad devices still running without any problems.

Currently the causes are unknown but the incident seems strange, since after the recent scandals in which several famous viewed as came to light his most intimate photos, synchronization services and saving images in iCloud is still up close .

Apple not yet ruled on the matter, but the hypothesis that takes more strength is that servers Photos, could have had any problems in recent days and the company itself has decided to remove the application to make the necessary changes before put back into operation.

So no choice but to wait for the Cupertino communicates something about the disappearance of applying iCloud or just wait until the service resumes again.


Using iCloud Drive Files on iPhone or iPad

With the advent of OS X Yosemite circle that would allow us to create files on a Mac and be able to stay in the iCloud, most notably as the Cupertino have called iCloud Drive was closed. Thus, from the OS X suffice to open a Finder window and select in the left sidebar item iCloud Drive to locate files of any format into Apple’s cloud.

All users have awaited this action for a long time and that is why the Cupertino even improved prices of iCloud space for anyone to have more space for a more affordable price.

However, many of us have realized that once we have the files in iCloud Drive, if we access them from our iDevice, either an iPhone or an iPad, this is not possible, for now, under the skirts of Apple. The fact that this action can not be done in the iOS system 8 itself does not mean we can not do it in any way and there is one application of an external developer Apple has implemented to access files that have lodged in iCloud Drive with our iPhone or iPad, thereby leveraging much having that extra space in the cloud of Apple.

The steps you have to follow to access iCloud Drive files from your iPad or iPhone are:

  • The first thing you should do is entering the App Store and download an application that is free and is called Documents in May.
  • Once installed, you will see that you will be able to register multiple services cloud storage like Dropbox or iCloud OneDrive Drive, among others.
  • Once inside the application, if you click on the top left of the word iCloud drive, you will instantly display all the files you have in the cloud.

You see, this is a very good option to have a file manager that is in the cloud iCloud.


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