iTunes Wiped All My Music and Playlists after Update to iTunes 12.3.3

“After update my iTunes to the latest version 12.3.3, all of my songs and playlists accidentally disappeared from my Mac, how can I get back them? MacBook Pro”.

After updating iTunes to new version, some Mac users found their music are deleted and gone. In this case, how to get back them?

Method 1. Reload Music to iTunes

The new iTunes may cannot find where your music files are stored on your Mac. So you should follow the steps below to let it know.

  • Step 1. Quit iTunes, and find your iTunes library files by Go > Home > Music > iTunes on your Mac
  • Step 2. Drop iTunes Library.itl to another place for backup, and then go into Previous iTunes Libraries to  get a latest iTunes library file to its parent folder.
  • Step 3. Rename the latest iTunes library file to “iTunes library” to replace what you have dropped out.

Step 4. Open iTunes to check whether it works to find back your deleted music files.

Method 2. Get Back from TimeMachine Backup

If you have backed up your iTunes library by using TimeMachine, you can easily get back deleted songs and playlists.

Method 3. Transfer Songs from iPhone/iPad/iPod back to your iTunes library

If you make sure that all of your songs and playlists are not on your Mac, but have been synced to your iPhone/iPad/iPod recently, you can rebuild your iTunes from your iOS device. Of course, iTunes can’t make it. You may need some professional transfer tool.

Method 4. Re-download your purchased songs from iTunes

What you have purchased on iTunes can be re-downloaded for free. Just cost you some times to download songs again. But your playlists may be gone forever, and you should create them manually.


How to Put MP3 MP4 MOV WAV PDF To iPhone 6/6s/SE

After getting one new iPhone, no matter it’s a bigger iPhone 6s Plus or smaller iPhone SE, most of iPhone users would like to transfer something to their iPhone from their computer, where they may have collected thousands of songs, videos and PDF books. For old iPhone users, transferring process would be familiar. However, sometimes, it could be hard for new iPhone users to understand how it work to sync files to iPhone. So we make this tutorial here.

How to Transfer Media Files to iPhone with iTunes

iOS is different from Android. For Android users, getting songs from PC to their device is super easy. After connecting Android phone to computer, the device will be recognized as a USB hard drive, and in this method, you can easily drag and drop files between the device and computer. However, if you get one iPhone, the transferring process would be different – you have to use iTunes to sync data to your iPhone. And sync is different from transfer, what you plan to transfer from iTunes will erase and replace the matched files on your iPhone. And eventually, what you have on your iPhone will be the same as the data on your iTunes. And below we give you a example of this way to transfer MP3 to your iPhone:

Step 1. Run iTunes, collect some MP3 files that you want to put to your new iPhone, and drag and drop them to music category of your iTunes firstly.

Step 2. After add all MP3 files to your iTunes, now connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable or WiFi. Click your iPhone icon

How to Put MP3 to iPhone 6s

How to Put MP3 to iPhone 6s

Step 3. Under “Summary”, select “Music”, and you can turn on Music sync to put MP3 files to your iPhone. In this step, your iPhone Music will be erased and replaced.

Sync Songs to iPhone 6s with iTunes

Sync Songs to iPhone 6s with iTunes


iTunes enables you to sync photos, movies, books to your iPhone, but some iOS incompatible files cannot be added to iTunes. In addition, you should know that iTunes allows you to sync with only one computer and iTunes cannot help you to get data off iPhone. So if you want to transfer in a simple way, sometimes, you may need professional transfer tool like AnyTrans to help you out.

iTunes Cannot Sync Photos to My iPhone 6/6s – How to Fix

“When trying to sync photos to my iPhone 6 Plus on my Macbook Air with iTunes.  I always get the following message: iTunes cannot sync photos to the iPhone because your Photos Library is not yet available. Please try again later. I’ve checked everything I can and can’t find any solutions.  I don’t have this issue with my iPad.How do I fix this? iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 9.2.1, Sync with MacBook Air OS X 10.11.3”. One iPhone user PeterInParker questioned on Apple Support Communities.

Actually, this is one common issue that many iPhone/iPad users have met before. And the causes of this problem are various, so the solutions are various, too. Below we show you some tips you can use if you drop into this problem and you cannot sync photos and videos from computer to your iPhone and iPad. (You can have a try, no matter what version of the iOS on your iPhone and iPad).

How to Fix iTunes Cannot Sync iPhone Photos

Before you do as follows, you are suggested to backup your iPhone and iTunes library.

  1. Restart iTunes
  2. Restart both of your computer and iOS device.
  3. Turn off iCloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream on iOS Device.
  4. Turn off iCloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream on computer.
  5. Update iOS, iTunes, Mac to latest version.

You may have some other solutions, welcome you share them on the comment section!

Fix iTunes 12.3 Cannot Be Installed on Windows 7/8/10

Normally, we could install an new iTunes update easily by downloading the installer to our computer, locating the iTunes64Setup.exe and double clicking the installer. But recently people reported that iTunes 12.3 can’t be installed on Windows and pop up “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.

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How to Solve iTunes 12.3 Install Error

There is no unique and 100% correct solution to this issue. And you have to try and try. And sometimes it is not because of iTunes itself.

After searching, we found one fix is the most useful, which is Go to Control Panel > Programs > Apple Software Update > Repair. And then reinstall iTunes 6464Steup.exe”.

Of course, there are some other tips Apple suggests and you can try if the solution above doesn’t work.

  1. Make Sure Login Windows As Administrator
  2. Install Latest Updates for Your Windows.
  3. Download Latest iTunes Update. Now it is 12.3.2
  4. Disable Conflicting Software
  5. Make Sure Your Windows Support iTunes 12.3.
  6. Restart Your Computer and Reinstall Again.

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Can’t Restore from iTunes Backup – iOS 9/9.3 Problem

You may have lost some data after updating iPhone to iOS 9.3/9.3.1 or iOS 9.2/9.1/9. In these situations, you may need a restore from iTunes backup to your device. But how to correctly restore from iTunes backup and what things you should know before having a restore. In this post, we will talk about this topic and offer tips to fix problem about you cannot restore from iTunes after updating to new iOS.

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How to Restore form iTunes Backup in iOS 9/9.1/9.2/9.2.1/9.3

The process to restore with iTunes is pretty simple. After connecting your iOS device to your computer, you could make it in 3 steps.

  • Step 1. Open iTunes, go to File > Devices > Restore from Backup.
  • Step 2. Select one suitable iTunes backup by analyzing the date and size. Of course, you can use some iTunes backup extractor, such as PhoneRescue to view the contents on each iTunes backup so that you can make a correct decision whether to restore from the iTunes backup.
  • Step 3. Click Restore and wait for all process finished.

Can’t Restore from iTunes backup in iOS 9/9.1/9.2/9.2.1/9.3 and How to Fix?

Sometimes you cannot restore from iTunes backup:

  1. when the iOS version of your device is older than your iTunes backup.
  2. when your want to transfer some data that not compatible with your device. For example, if the backup was created with an iPad, some iPad apps you backed up to iTunes couldn’t be transferred to iPhone.
  3. when you have no backup on iTunes, or the backup have no data, or corrupted.
  4. when your USB cable connection is bad.

Tips to fix can’t restore iPhone iPad problem.

  1. Check the USB cable and make sure your connection is stable.
  2. Restart your device or force restart your iOS device, which is a basic tip that you can have a try. Just turn off and then turn on your device. Or hold on both “Power” and “Home” buttons for a few minutes and then turn on your device.
  3. Restart computer and iTunes.
  4. Update iTunes and iPhone to latest version.
  5. Use iTunes backup extractor, such as PhoneRescue to directly get files from backup to computer without restoring.

You may have some better idea about how to fix cannot restore from iTunes backup, just share and discuss it on the comment section. 


How to Solve “iTunes Don’t Sync iPhone iPad” – iOS 10 iOS 9

[Updated: Sept 20, 2016]: It’s reported that some iPhone 6 users got this iTunes sync problem after updating to iOS 10 recently. And we have updated this post to offer you some new tips

Upgrade to iOS 10, my iPhone won’t sync music and playlists with iTunes, and even after I upgraded my iTunes to iTunes 12.5.1” – one iPhone 6 user questioned on iPhone forum about “iTunes can’t sync”.In this September, 2016, you may face the same iOS problem when syncing iTunes music library to your iPhone or iPad/iPod after updating to iOS 10 final version or coming iOS 10.x.x.

Although, Apple always release new version of iTunes to fix coming iTunes bugs and sync problems (recently, Apple released iTunes 12.5.1 to better support iOS 10 updates, the problems never be completely fixed. So what if you get this kind of iTunes issue and cannot sync data from iTunes to your iPhone 6 or other iOS devices, how can you fix it?

How to fix “can’t sync music to iPhone, iPad, iPod” problems in iOS 9 and iOS 10

After collecting from a few forums, we listed the solutions as below:

Solution 1.  Sync again after turning off iCloud Music on your iPhone.

Tap “Setting” on iPhone > “Music” > Turn off “iCloud Music Library”.
Note: this method is not available for Windows vista.

Solution 2.  Sync after turning off iTunes Match on iPhone.

  1. Make sure that you don’t have iTunes Match enabled in Settings > Music.
  2. Plug in your iPhone, iPad or iPod  and launch iTunes.
  3. Click your device icon at the top of the iTunes window.
  4. Select Music in the side navigation panel.
  5. Uncheck Sync Music option in the right panel and then click Apply or Sync.
  6. Once the sync is complete, recheck the box for Sync Music and hit Apply or Sync again.
  7. Unplug your iPhone or iPad and see if your music is back.

Solution 3. Sync after turning off Show Apple Music.

  1. Reset iPhone 5 by holding “Power” and “Home”.
  2. iPhone > Setting > Music > Turn off “Show Apple Music”
  3. iTunes 12.2 > Edit > Preferences > General > Uncheck “Show Apple Music” > OK

Solution 4. Authorize your computer for iTunes app

  1. Run iTunes
  2. On iTunes menu, select Store item and click “Authorize This Computer…”

Solution 5. Uncheck “Read Only” of iTunes folder (For Windows users)

If you are one of windows users who meet this iTunes sync issue, you can check whether the permission property of your “iTunes” folder or the data you plan to sync is “Read Only”. If you checked “Read Only”, you cannot transfer or edit the file but only read it.

Open Windows Explorer > Music > iTunes, right click this folder and go to Properties, and uncheck “Read Only”.

Solution 6. Use iTunes Alternatives.

If you still cannot use iTunes to sync iPhone iPad, you can look for help from some iTunes alternatives, such as AnyTrans, to share songs, movies and pictures across all of your Apple devices. It’s said that it also helps sync your selected files from iPhone to iTunes.

Leave a comment, no matter it is iOS 9/iOS 10 problem or related solutions, which may be helpful to others.

How to Fix iTunes Won’t Sync – iMobie Guide.
iPhone 5 don’t sync music with iTunes

Alternative to iTunes Home Sharing for Music [iOS 8.4]

Can’t use iTunes Home Sharing to share songs after updating to iOS 8.4? Don’t worry, there are some alternatives to iTunes you could try to transfer songs between any Mac/PC and device, no matter it is iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or old iPod nano, classic.

Music Home Sharing Gone Missing in iOS 8.4

News reported Home Sharing for songs is gone missing in iOS 8.4, and this iTunes sharing feature is only limited to apple TV users now. And related complaints about iOS 8.4 home sharing came to Apple communities.

Complaints: Music home sharing no longer available after iOS 8.4 update

Note: the new released iOS 9 get home sharing back for all iOS users.

Alternatives Softwares You Could Have A Try

Music Home Sharing Alternatives

iTunes Alternatives for Music Home Sharing

Some iTunes alternatives to Home sharing are necessary if you don’t want to use home sharing, Apple music – family plan or iTunes match.

Such as AnyTrans, iTunes alternative to transfer media files (music, photos, videos etc) across any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, mac and pc.

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Welcome commenting to talk about iTunes Alternative of Home sharing.