What Problems You May Meet After iOS 9.3/9.3.1

We all know that Apple released its new iOS 9 update – iOS 9.3 , with some new features – such as additions to CarPlay, Night Shift for better sleep and Security of Notes. But after installing this new iOS mobile system, you may have met some problems. Although, quickly Apple brought some fixes in its iOS 9.3.1 – it said that this update could fix the Safari problem, there are still some common iOS issues you may drop into just like what we show you as below.

Problem 1. iPhone Music cannot be synced with iTunes

This is one of most common problem you may meet after updating to new iOS 9.3/9.3.1 – you cannot sync or transfer some music to your iOS device. And the best fix for this problem is to turn off Apple Music or iCloud Music Library. Read More >>

Problem 2. Wi-Fi Problem

Lots of new iOS users may drop into this issue after updating – cannot use Wi-Fi on their iPhone iPad. In this situation, reset the network setting in Setting app always can fix this problem. And if you still cannot go out of this problem, just try some other methods, such as switch on Airplane mode, turn on and then off your Wi-Fi or restart your device.

Problem 3. Safari Crashing

There are many Apple users complained that their safari cannot open or always crash and freeze after updating to the the new iOS. And, to fix this safari problem, there are some basic tips, such as turn off Safari suggestions, disable safari synced with iCloud function or restart your iOS device. Read More >>

Problem 4. iMessages Activation Failed

You may cannot send and receive iMessages after updating to a new iOS version. And it pop up a new window on your iPhone iPad telling that you unable to contact the iMessage server and you should try again. In this case, make sure you’v set up time zone correctly, if it not work, you can try to restart your device and turn off/on your iMessages to fix this iMessages activation error. Read More >> 

Problem 5. iPhone Apps Won’t Update and Download

Problem 6. Can’t Restore from iCloud Backup

Problem 7. Can’t Backup iPhone iPad to iCloud

Problem 8. Not Enough Space on iPhone iPad

Problem 9. Bluetooth Problems

Problem 10. Cellular Data Won’t Work

Problem 11. Some Data Loss Accidentally from iPhone

Source: iOS Update Problem and Solutions – iMobie

You may have some other Apple iOS update problems we didn’t posted in this article, comment it and discuss!


Goodbye to Unknown Numbers: iOS 9 Tell You Who Calling

Call from Unknown Number - iOS 9

Call from Unknown Number – iOS 9

Apple released iOS 9, the newest version of its mobile devices’ operating system. The most attractive features of this iOS would be MultiTasking that enables you use two apps at the same time, and battery Saving-Mode. And also some hidden features are provided such as Safari Ads Blocking. But although these features are good, they are not something creative. Well,  new iOS 9 make a good improve to add some other item when you receiving an unknown call.

Each time you receive a call from your contacts, iPhone will show the name of the person calling you. And now, it is possible that Apple will show you the name of the unknown calling person which is not listed in your contact just like the screenshot below, which is a little interesting and useful sometimes.

This interesting iOS 9 feature comes from an analysis of the contacts you have stored in your emails. And we don’t know whether it is safe about this feature that Apple accesses our email content without our permission.  In addition, this feature is useless if there is no info about the secret coming number in your Email app.

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Update to iOS 8.4 Or Not? [Suggestion with Reasons]

Some of you may be suggested to update to new iOS 8.4 in these days. And of course, you may wonder whether it is worth installing iOS 8.4 to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. So in this post, we collected some tips on this topic for you to decide whether to do some changes on your iOS devices before the new iOS 9 release – Reasons update to/not to iOS 8.4.

[Part 1] – Reasons Not Update to iOS 8.4

New iOS always bring new bugs. So we’d better not install iOS 8.4 before we know it completely. Just wait for some days !

1, Complaints from iOS 8.4 users

“Dear Apple, You have lost the shuffle feature at the artist level on collection of albums, made everything smaller in the music app making it harder to read or navigate, and iBooks app is still riddled with bugs. Please restore the shuffle feature and squash all bugs in iOS 9. Also perform better end user testing and quality control testing to ensure no feature or function or setting is lost. ” —— Gregory Mysliwiec, Comment from Mashable

2, “Home Sharing for Songs” Gone Missing in iOS 8.4

Now, after updating to iOS 8.4, most of you can use Home Sharing for Videos. However, the Home Share for Audio/Songs/Music is only available for Apple TV users.

Luckily, Home Share for songs will be back, Apple accepted this problem of iOS 8.4 and tweeted  “We are working to have Home Sharing in iOS 9.

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3, Can’t Sync Music/Playlists After Updating to iOS 8.4

Many Apple users said they can’t sync iTunes music or playlists to their device after updating their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to iOS 8.4.

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4, Can’t Send Pictures/Media via iMessages, MMS, IM

After updating to iOS 8.4, some users can’t send photos or video to their contacts via iMessages, MMS, or Skype, WhatsApp.

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[Part 2] –  Reasons Update to iOS 8.4

Apple showed its new iOS 8.4 for all iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users on Tuesday. And in this new iOS 8.4, as it said, it improved and redesigned its Music and iBook apps. Additionally, it fixed some bugs and issues of old iOS.  And the new features may be the reasons why you should install this new iOS to your device.

1, To Enjoy More Songs Online

The iOS 8.4 added Apple Music Streaming Service in Music app. Different from iTunes Music, you can enjoy almost all music by paying 9.99$ per month instead of paying for tracks. Now amazing is that you will have 3-Month Free Trial before you pay after you updating your iPhone,iPad,iPod to iOS 8.4 and being a new Apple Music Member.

2, To Know You loved Artist Better

The “Connect” feature makes you access your loved artists’ recently activities, provides you thoughts, photos, music & videos of them. And you can even join the conversation with the shared things.

3, To Enjoy Audio Books in iBooks App

Audiobook feature in Music App now is transferred to iBook.

4, Bugs Fixed in iOS 8.4

iOS 8.4 fixed bugs about GPS, Apple Watch App Reinstall Problem etc.

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Welcome your comments about iOS 8.4, No matter iOS 8.4 problems or new features testing results. And thanks for viewing !

Apple Realease iOS 8.2 Tomorrow? And then iOS 8.3?

Recently, Apple has released iOS 8.2 beta 5 in February 2 in 2015, which is the last beta of iOS 8.2. This means that Apple may launch shortly after the official version or another beta. And BGR said Apple iOS 8.2 official version will be quickly released, it may be tomorrow – March 2.

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AppleInsider also said, iOS 8.2 will be released shortly, and after that, Apple will release iOS 8.3. Before iOS 8.2 released to the public, Apple has released two beta version of 8.3. Some reports said that Apple plans to release iOS 8.3  before the release of iOS 8.4 Beta version.

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Reasons Not To Update Your iPhone to iOS 8.1.3

iOS 8.1.3 Arriving, But Why Not Upgrade?

Increasingly, new rumors about the release of iOS 8.1.3 soon arrive by Apple: it is believed that the iOS 8.1.3 could be released in this week. There are many users of iPhone and iPad have high expectations for the arrival of this new iOS version, especially the owners of older devices like iPhone 4s, iPad 2 or iPad 3. Although there are many reasons to be excited about this new update from Apple, there are some reasons not to upgrade to iOS 8.1.3 on iPhone launch day, then let’s see what they are.

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iOS 8.1.3 Arrives to Fix The Bugs of iOS 8 and iOS 8.1.2

Late year, Apple launched latest iOS 8.1.2, along with the beta versions of iOS 8.2. As expected, Apple will release iOS 8.2 coming to solve some major problems of iOS 8.

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We all know that the iOS 8.1.2 and Beta of 8.2 is to improve the functioning of iOS 8 and solve some problems about ringtones. But this iOS updates can’t fix all of the iOS 8 problems.

The release of iOS 8.2 may be in next March, although rumors suggest the arrival of a new update these days. As we said before, it is thought that this update is 8.1.3 and is likely to improve the problems of iOS 8.1.2, in addition to closing the doors to Jailbreak.

It is expected that iOS 8.1.3 is an update to correct small errors but which could have a big impact on the performance of iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. Here we look at some reasons why not update your iPhone or iPad just outside this new version of iOS.

iOS 8.1.3 Could Be More Stable But Could Bring New Problems

IOS 8.1.3 is expected to focus on correcting some of the problems that persist in today’s mobile operating system iOS 8 of Apple iPhone and iPad. However, given its proximity, this version will probably not be fully equipped with bug fixes we all expect.

Minor updates of iOS may eventually cause real problems on devices that could mainly affect significantly drop in battery performance, problems with WiFi and Bluetooth connections, and possibly other problems that arise after its release. Obviously you cannot predict the future of iOS 8.1.3, although it is likely that some users encounter problems after its release.

Of course, there is no way to completely protect our iPhone and iPad problems that can bring this new version of iOS. So it is recommended that if you are enjoying a good user experience with iOS 8.1.2 or lower and you are afraid to start having problems, it would be a matter of waiting a few days before upgrading. This will let you know if other users are experiencing problems after this update and possible solutions.


iOS 8.1.3 probably will not have a negative effect on most devices, but equally users of older devices should be cautious way, remember that Apple does not force you to install these updates, so worth the wait.

Do Not Update If You Have Not Prepared Your iPhone

As we know that you are never too prepared for an update of iOS. Before updating the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, 5c, 5, 4S and iPad to iOS 8.1.3 is important to take the time necessary to prepare the device, which will give an opportunity to avoid potential problems that may arise once the upgrade. As you know, there are a number of steps to follow before upgrading to iOS 8.

It is important to take the time necessary to prepare the device since, in case there is a problem with the update, at least for the first few days it will be possible to downgrade or down from the previous version of iOS.

If You Have an iPhone with Jailbreak and Do Not Want To Lose, Just Wait

If you’re using an iPhone with iOS 8.1.2 or later and the jailbreak and do not want to lose, and we recommend that you wait before installing the update to iOS 8.1.3 after his release. It is important to note that iOS 8.1.3 could patch the exploits used by the tool to Jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 and iOS 8.1.1. Even this is not confirmed probably Apple launches this minor update to block Jailbreak before departure of Apples Watch and iOS 8.2.

Currently the team Taig and other hackers are working quickly to launch a new version of the tool to do the Jailbreak, so it is advisable to wait a few days before upgrading, with the aim of verifying whether it will be possible to make the Jailbreak the iPhone and iPad with iOS 8.1.3.

If You’re Traveling, Waiting To Get Home To Update

Although it may be nonsense, if you travel when you leave the new version of iOS 8.1.3, you should wait to get home before updating your iPhone to the latest version of iOS. Why? The reason is that being outside, if you try updating the device via OTA, this could bring several disadvantages, which could leave the unused device until you return, causing major problems such as loss of all information.

If you are using the iPhone to work, it is best to wait before upgrading

If you use your iPhone for work or study and projects and meetings have to do is advisable to wait before upgrading to iOS 8.1.3 and see the reaction of other users, possible problems that could cause this version to the device, as synchronization issues or the battery life and performance of applications, which could affect productivity and job performance.

Of course, these are a few simple tips to avoid problems when updating the iPhone and iPad to iOS 8.1.3, especially for those users who have older devices such as the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Above all, it is a matter of be patient and wait a few days before installing the new version of firmware for Apple iOS devices supporting 8.

Thanks to: http://www.todoiphone.net/razones-no-actualizar-iphone-ios-8-1-3/



25 Reasons Tell You Why the iPhone 6 is Better than the Galaxy S5

As usual, with the release of each new generation of fans of Apple iPhone and Samsung start a war to prove who is the best smartphone and obviously the arrival of the new iPhone 6 would not be less. It is likely that many already have their own opinion and this may depend a lot on whether you like Apple or Android. Here we see the 25 reasons why the Apple iPhone 6 is better than the Samsung Galaxy S5.

To help users get an idea about the advantages of the new high-end device from Apple against Samsung, people PhoneBuff has published an interesting video that shows 25 reasons why the iPhone 6 is better than the Galaxy S5. Then watch the video before we leave you with some of the 25 reasons why Apple’s device is better than the Samsung.

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iPhone 6 VS Samsung Galaxy s5

Image Credit:.Technomag.co.zw

Why the iPhone 6 is better than the Galaxy S5?

  1. It is constructed of metal and comes with a Start button made ​​sapphire crystal.
  2. It is smaller than the Galaxy S5 in size so it fits the hand more easily.
  3. Includes the App Store, Apple App Store, which has many more uses than the Play Store.
  4. The iPhone 6 can install applications from Apple, as well as Google.
  5. The iPhone 6 comes with a reversible Lightning connector, allowing us to connect in any position.
  6. Another advantage of the iPhone 6 is that connecting great videos or files to a message, the phone automatically compressed before sending. If you try to do the same in a Galaxy S5 will see an error message.
  7. IPhones have a resale value greater than line devices Galaxy S.
  8. It can take pictures much faster than the Galaxy S5.
  9. LED Flash available on the back of the iPhone 6 allow you to take better pictures compared to the Galaxy S5 LED Flash.
  10. The new Apple iPhone 6 provides a stronger and better sound quality than the Galaxy S5, which allows watching videos and listening to music is a much more enjoyable experience.
  11. Apple Pay allows users to shop online or in retail stores more easily.
  12. When connecting via Bluetooth on the top bar shows the battery level of the other device.
  13. Guided Access disables the operation of other buttons until it turns off.
  14. The Apple device is capable of recording videos in Slow motion mode.
  15. It supports a larger number of LTE networks from other devices.
  16. It supports the new feature Family or Family Sharing which allows share purchases made in iBooks, iTunes or App Store with up to six family members.

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Know more see all the 25 reasons why the iPhone 6 is better than Galaxy S5, you can’s miss this video.

Resource from: http://www.todoiphone.net/25-razones-iphone-6-mejor-galaxy-s5/

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Apple Announces Keynote for September 9: iPhone 6 and iWatch?

  1. Apple has confirmed that the keynote will be on September 9 with a note sent to the media.
  2. The note says mockingly that “I wish we could say more.”
  3. It is expected that day the two models of iPhone 6 4’7 and 5’5 inches and iWatch arise.

Apple confirms the keynote for September 9. Will we see iPhone 6 and iWatch?

He has finally reached the official confirmation from Apple for his keynote through a press release in which winking his report that “I wish we could say more” fans. The venue will be different from what we are accustomed to the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, and will be held at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, Calif, The event is scheduled for Tuesday the 9th 18 hours GMT, 10 am Pacific and, of course, will be broadcasting live and direct from iPadizate.

All rumors suggest that in this next event will be presented the expected iPhone 6 in two different versions of 4’7 and 5’5 inches. But the news does not stop there, it is also expected that a new device ‘wearable’ everything points to it smartwatch of Cupertino, the iWatch is present.

iPhone 6

Image Credit: Ewallpapershub.com

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The iPhone 6 could also go on sale in September

Most importantly for those who wish to have in our hands an iPhone 6 is when we can buy it. If Cupertino does not change the release schedule, the new iPhone would go on sale on September 19, but must take into account the rumors have suggested that there could be problems with the production but according to JP Morgan analyst not will affect production.

Regarding the next operating system that presented the guys bite the apple, iOS 8, is expected to be released for all users not long after this Keynote, if, as is likely follow the same timetable to which we are accustomed iOS 8 will be available September 17.

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The surprise of the iWatch

Some time ago rumor had it that Keynote would be later this year, but the latest leaks that indicated that the presentation would be on September 9 has finally successful. These same rumors have said the iWatch will be presented by the Cupertino the same day. The presentation will be almost exactly 5 years after the launch of the first iPhone, and as we have been publishing since iPadizate bring two models, one inch and one 4’7 with a 5’5 “A8” processor.

Like all Apple devices is expected to iWatch is tightly integrated with the iPhone, some rumors suggest that the screen would be between 1.6 and 1.8 inches and could incorporate the flexible AMOLED technology.

What do you expect of this keynote? We hope your opinion in the comments.

Resource from: http://www.ipadizate.es/2014/08/28/apple-keynote-iphone-6-iwatch-9-septiembre-100914/ 

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