How to Print Messages Conversations on iPhone 7 (Plus)

How to Print Messages on iPhone 7

How to Print Messages on iPhone 7

Have been using iPhone 7 for some days, you stored so many messages threads on new mobile phone? With various effects and emojis, you are suggested to clean your Messages app. But before deleting messages, you may want to backup and print some funny, valuable and important messages conversation. So how to print messages on iPhone 7?

How to Print A Messages on iPhone 7?

If you just want to print a message, it could be very simple. Just capture a screenshot of the message and send the screenshot to your computer, then you can print it.

  1. Capture a screenshot >
  2. Send screenshot to computer using email or instant messaging service >
  3. Print the screenshot with printer >

How to Print Whole Message Conversation on iPhone 7?

But what if you want to print a complete message conversation.? It seems a little hard.

If you plan to print message chatting history of one person, you may need the help of some professional iPhone managing tool, such as AnyTrans. This tool helps you save message conversation to printable files on your computer. In this way, you can print the whole message conversation on your iPhone 7.

Source: Print Text Messages on iPhone – AnyTrans


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