Messages App Slow After Updating to iOS 10/10.1

Some iPhone iPad users reported that Messages app goes slowly and has no response after updating to iOS 10 or iOS 10.1.

“Upgraded to iOS 10.0.1 on a iPhone 6s Plus. T-Mobile Carrier. After upgrade, Phone app is slow, or unresponsive at times. Message app also slow or unresponsive. Voicemail page in Phone app also buggy. Does not easily play or delete messages. I uninstalled bitmoji and removed predictive type as a guess to fix. It didn’t help. Any recommendations (except for hard reset and reinstall)?”

So if you meet this issue and cannot use Messages app in normal, how can you fix it. below we gives you some simple tips to fix this iOS problem.

3 Tips to Fix iPhone Messages Problems in iOS 10/10.1

  1. Make sure you are logging into a stable network, no matter using Wi-Fi or Cellular network.
  2. Reset Network Settings. you can reset all settings of your Network by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  3. Restart your iPhone. If your Messages app can’t be shut down, you can force restart your device by holding both Home and Power buttons.

We got this tips from iMobie Guide: Fix iOS 10 Messages Problems


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