2 Ways to Sync Ringtones to New iPhone 7

Recently I went through a question on Apple Communities sayingI bought a new iphone 7. I did the backup and restore, and everything is good, but I don’t have any of my ringtones on my new iphone 7. How can I get them without having to buy them again?”.

As it said in the question, you cannot put ringtones to new iPhone 7 from your old device by restoring with iTunes or iCloud. Because you can’t backup ringtones to iTunes or iCloud. So what can you do to sync ringtones from iPhone to iPhone?

Sync Purchased Ringtones to New iPhone 7 with iTunes

With iTunes, you can sync all purchased items from old iPhone to new iPhone. In this way, you can transfer some purchased ringtones to your new iPhone 7.

1, Transfer Purchased Items from Old iPhone to iTunes

Actually, iTunes allows you to sync purchased items to iTunes from your iPhone. After launch iTunes on your computer and connect your old iPhone to iTunes, you can find one item named “Transfer Purchased from…” under iTunes menu > File > Devices, which helps you import purchased songs, ringtones and others from your iPhone to iTunes.

transfer purchased ringtones from old iPhone

transfer purchased ringtones from old iPhone

2, Sync All Items from iTunes to iPhone 7

After importing all purchased items to iTunes, now you can sync your iTunes library to iPhone 7. You should connect your iPhone 7 to computer. After iTunes recognizes your device, click your iPhone 7 icon and go to Settings > Tones to Sync Tones to your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

sync tones to new iPhone 7

sync tones to new iPhone 7

Transfer Non-Purchased Ringtones to iPhone 7

iTunes and iCloud are unhelpful in transferring Non-Purchased items between your old iPhone and new iPhone. And AirDrop cannot transfer ringtones, too. In this case, you have to re-make some custom ringtones by using some best iPhone ringtone apps and sync them to your iPhone 7, or using some professional transfer tools, such as AnyTrans, which allows you to transfer selected ringtones between two iOS devices.

AnyTrans official download url: AnyTrans Mac and Windows Verson >>


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