How to Recover Old Messages in iOS 10

Normally if we choose to keep messages forever under Settings > Messages > Messages History, we can store all messages conversations on our device. However, recently some users reported that their old iMessages conversations disappeared accidentally in iOS 10 even though they’ve chosen it be forever.

“I keep all my texts from the people I regularly text and I was going back on a convo and wanted to see something they texted me a month ago, but i was scrolling up like I normally do, and it stopped at a certain point and wouldn’t load anymore.

Now I know I didn’t delete the texts before that point, and I tried with other people and it’s letting me go back up to a year. I tried force closing the Messages app and restarting my phone and nothing. 

What’s weird is the person in particular’s messages wont load after a certain point but all the photos/gifs we’ve sent each other still appear in the “details” button.

Any advice or people having a similar issue?”

Above is one of iPhone 7 Plus users reported on Apple Communities saying iMessages not loading old messages in iOS 10 and all old messages missing from iPhone.

Among all messages issues in iOS 10, this issue can be the biggest because you would lose something. And if we get this issue, is there some tips to fix it and get back lost messages?

How to Fix Won’t Load Old Messages and Recovery Messages in iOS 10

  1. Turn off iMessages and then turn on it by going to Settings > Messages.
  2. Power off your iPhone and restart your device. Or hold on both “Power” and “Home” to force restart your device.
  3. Restore your iPhone from recently backup to get back old messages.
  4. If you have so many backups, you may need an iPhone backup extractor for help to view contents on backups without restoring.

If you have some better ideas to get back disappearing old messages, please let us know by leaving a comment. Many thanks!


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