Cannot Send and Receive iMessages After iOS 10 Update

Recently. Apple released iOS 10 public beta 6 for all Apple testers. And some of these people said their iPhone/iPad won’t send or receive iMessages.

my cousin and I both installed iOS 10. We’re running Public Beta 6. After one the of updates, my cousin was suddenly not able to send or receive iMessages with the new effects. He just receives a message saying “sent with confetti” or something like that.”  — TheBsoBoy reddited.

So if we meet this problem, what can we do to fix this issue.

How to Fix iMessages Won’t Send/Receive Problem in iOS 10

Actually, it’s one of iOS common issues after updating or restoring. And there are some quick tips you can have a try to solve this problem.

Tip 1. Check Network Connection

It requires you to connect your device to a stable Wi-Fi or Cellular Network.

Tip 2. Turn off and then turn on iMessages

Go to Settings > Message > Turn off and then turn on iMessages and try again to send iMessages.

Tip 3. Restart or Force Restart 

You can power off your device. If your device has no response, press and hold on both of “Power” and “Home” to force restart your device.

Tip 4. Reset Network Settings

This method will remove all Wi-Fi and Cellular network settings, including the password you typed. To reset, you can go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

If all of these tips are useless for you, you may need to restore your device with iTunes backup or iCloud backup. Or wait for new iOS update to fix this bugs.  And sometimes, Apple server issues will brings this iMessages problem, In this situation, you have to wait for several hours or days to get this issue fixed.

Resource: iOS 10 iMessages Problems


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