iTunes Wiped All My Music and Playlists after Update to iTunes 12.3.3

“After update my iTunes to the latest version 12.3.3, all of my songs and playlists accidentally disappeared from my Mac, how can I get back them? MacBook Pro”.

After updating iTunes to new version, some Mac users found their music are deleted and gone. In this case, how to get back them?

Method 1. Reload Music to iTunes

The new iTunes may cannot find where your music files are stored on your Mac. So you should follow the steps below to let it know.

  • Step 1. Quit iTunes, and find your iTunes library files by Go > Home > Music > iTunes on your Mac
  • Step 2. Drop iTunes Library.itl to another place for backup, and then go into Previous iTunes Libraries to  get a latest iTunes library file to its parent folder.
  • Step 3. Rename the latest iTunes library file to “iTunes library” to replace what you have dropped out.

Step 4. Open iTunes to check whether it works to find back your deleted music files.

Method 2. Get Back from TimeMachine Backup

If you have backed up your iTunes library by using TimeMachine, you can easily get back deleted songs and playlists.

Method 3. Transfer Songs from iPhone/iPad/iPod back to your iTunes library

If you make sure that all of your songs and playlists are not on your Mac, but have been synced to your iPhone/iPad/iPod recently, you can rebuild your iTunes from your iOS device. Of course, iTunes can’t make it. You may need some professional transfer tool.

Method 4. Re-download your purchased songs from iTunes

What you have purchased on iTunes can be re-downloaded for free. Just cost you some times to download songs again. But your playlists may be gone forever, and you should create them manually.


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