iOS 9.3.2 Problems – Should I Update to iOS 9.3.2

Apple released a small iOS update – iOS 9.3.2, aim to fix some iOS 9.3.1 problems that impacted iOS users. However, it also bring a serious bug to iPad Pro 9.7’’ users.

iPad Pro 9.7 Bricked by iOS 9.3.2 and Pop Up Error 56

It bricked some iPad Pro 9.7. And when connecting bricked device to iTunes and going to restore device from backup, it would pop up error 56, which according to Apple official website, is a hardware issue. So if you have one 9.7 inch iPad Pro, wait for some days until the bug be fixed. And if you are one of affected users, you can contact Apple Support for help, but actually you can do nothing untill Apple throw its solution, which may be in a new iOS 9.3.2 update or recent iOS 9.3.3.

Should I Update to iOS 9.3.2?

If you are running iOS 9 and later, and not a iPad Pro 9.7 user, you can update this new iOS software update, which could make your device more safe, although you might meet some new update problem, such as Safari crash or iTunes won’t sync.


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