How to Put MP3 MP4 MOV WAV PDF To iPhone 6/6s/SE

After getting one new iPhone, no matter it’s a bigger iPhone 6s Plus or smaller iPhone SE, most of iPhone users would like to transfer something to their iPhone from their computer, where they may have collected thousands of songs, videos and PDF books. For old iPhone users, transferring process would be familiar. However, sometimes, it could be hard for new iPhone users to understand how it work to sync files to iPhone. So we make this tutorial here.

How to Transfer Media Files to iPhone with iTunes

iOS is different from Android. For Android users, getting songs from PC to their device is super easy. After connecting Android phone to computer, the device will be recognized as a USB hard drive, and in this method, you can easily drag and drop files between the device and computer. However, if you get one iPhone, the transferring process would be different – you have to use iTunes to sync data to your iPhone. And sync is different from transfer, what you plan to transfer from iTunes will erase and replace the matched files on your iPhone. And eventually, what you have on your iPhone will be the same as the data on your iTunes. And below we give you a example of this way to transfer MP3 to your iPhone:

Step 1. Run iTunes, collect some MP3 files that you want to put to your new iPhone, and drag and drop them to music category of your iTunes firstly.

Step 2. After add all MP3 files to your iTunes, now connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable or WiFi. Click your iPhone icon

How to Put MP3 to iPhone 6s

How to Put MP3 to iPhone 6s

Step 3. Under “Summary”, select “Music”, and you can turn on Music sync to put MP3 files to your iPhone. In this step, your iPhone Music will be erased and replaced.

Sync Songs to iPhone 6s with iTunes

Sync Songs to iPhone 6s with iTunes


iTunes enables you to sync photos, movies, books to your iPhone, but some iOS incompatible files cannot be added to iTunes. In addition, you should know that iTunes allows you to sync with only one computer and iTunes cannot help you to get data off iPhone. So if you want to transfer in a simple way, sometimes, you may need professional transfer tool like AnyTrans to help you out.


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