Notes Disappeared from iPhone 6/6s/SE After iOS 9/10 – Tips

“Several days ago, I don’t know the exact time it happened, on my iPhone 6s, almost all notes disappeared accidentally. I recently updated my iPhone to iOS 9.3.5, which I don’t know if is the cause of the matter.”

“iPhone Notes Missing” is a common problem that users may meet after iOS upgrade, iTunes sync or data restore. Sometimes, you can easily get back lost notes from backup, sometimes, it could be difficult. However, no matter how difficult it could be, you should have a try by following the tips below. And if you plan to update your iPhone or iPad to the upcoming iOS 10 final version, these tips are also helpful.

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Get Back Disappeared Notes from

If you turned on iCloud Notes sync on Settings, you can have a check whether there are some iPhone disappeared notes existing at Just go to by using browser app on your computer, login with your Apple ID and click into “Notes” category.

Find Missing Notes from Gmail, Yahoo or Some Other Email Service

If you have your notes synced with Gmail, Yahoo or some other email service. You can go to your email to find and restore your disappeared notes on your iPhone 6/6s. I am using AOL email, I can find the notes categorized in the “My Folders” on the left side bar after I logging my account by using browser on my computer.I

Restore Lost Notets from iCloud Backup and iTunes Backup

If you have backed up your iPhone 6/6s to iCloud or iTunes recently, you can restore your iPhone with the latest backup to get back your lost notes. However, you should know that this method will move all data and settings from backup to your device after erasing your iPhone.

Retrieve Deleted Notes with Third-Part Apps’ Help

There are some iPhone backup viewers that you can use to view notes on your iTunes and iCloud backup, and help you directly recover only the deleted items, such as PhoneRescue, which could be helpful even if you have no available backups.

Some Other Methods to Recover iPhone Notes

Maybe you have some good ideas about how to get back lost notes from iPhone 6/6s/SE, just share them on the comment section.


3 thoughts on “Notes Disappeared from iPhone 6/6s/SE After iOS 9/10 – Tips

  1. Sunday 8/7/2016
    Suddenly all the Gmail notes disappeared from my iphone 6 right after I touched one of ’em on the all Notes list. Then, trying to recover them I noticed that all the gmail emails disappeared from my gmail account as well.
    I checked also my iCloud and iTunes back up accounts trying to recover the lost notes, but I could not find those on both systems even if in the settings, the “Notes backup” were turned ON.

    How to resolve this? What could have been caused this? I updated the iphone firmware 9.3.3 about a week ago, then I saw that another update 9.3.4 is already available, could have been a common problem for other iphone 6 users after this 9.3.3 release?


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