Can’t Delete Synced Photos from iPhone 6/6s

“I’v synced some pictures from my Mac iTunes to my iPhone 6s for wallpaper, now I found I can’t remove them. iOS 9.2.1”

You may meet some similar problem when you want to get rid of your synced photos on your iPhone 6/6s. And there is no trash icon when taping the picture on Photos app, which may make you confused, especially when you have so many synced pictures stored on your device.

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Actually, Apple don’t allow you to directly delete synced photos on iOS devices, which is different from Camera Roll photos. And the only way to remove these kind of photos you synced from Mac to your iPhone is re-sync again or use some third-part app, such as AnyTrans.

How to Delete All Synced Photos

This is one method Apple offers to delete all synced photos from your iPhone.

  1. Build a folder on your Mac. Drop one photo to this folder.
  2. Connect your iPhone to Mac, and run iTunes, after your device icon appears, just click into and select Photos.

    Delete All Synced Photos from iPhone

    Delete All Synced Photos from iPhone

  3. Click “Choose folder” and select the folder we built at 1st step, and click “Apply”.
  4. Uncheck “Sync Photos from”, click Apply and sync your iPhone.

After all steps, all of your synced photos will be removed. You may not plan to delete them all, in this situation, you can try some third part app, which is capable of removing only the photos you don’t want.

Source: 3 steps to remove synced pictures – imobie


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