What Problems You May Meet After iOS 9.3/9.3.1

We all know that Apple released its new iOS 9 update – iOS 9.3 , with some new features – such as additions to CarPlay, Night Shift for better sleep and Security of Notes. But after installing this new iOS mobile system, you may have met some problems. Although, quickly Apple brought some fixes in its iOS 9.3.1 – it said that this update could fix the Safari problem, there are still some common iOS issues you may drop into just like what we show you as below.

Problem 1. iPhone Music cannot be synced with iTunes

This is one of most common problem you may meet after updating to new iOS 9.3/9.3.1 – you cannot sync or transfer some music to your iOS device. And the best fix for this problem is to turn off Apple Music or iCloud Music Library. Read More >>

Problem 2. Wi-Fi Problem

Lots of new iOS users may drop into this issue after updating – cannot use Wi-Fi on their iPhone iPad. In this situation, reset the network setting in Setting app always can fix this problem. And if you still cannot go out of this problem, just try some other methods, such as switch on Airplane mode, turn on and then off your Wi-Fi or restart your device.

Problem 3. Safari Crashing

There are many Apple users complained that their safari cannot open or always crash and freeze after updating to the the new iOS. And, to fix this safari problem, there are some basic tips, such as turn off Safari suggestions, disable safari synced with iCloud function or restart your iOS device. Read More >>

Problem 4. iMessages Activation Failed

You may cannot send and receive iMessages after updating to a new iOS version. And it pop up a new window on your iPhone iPad telling that you unable to contact the iMessage server and you should try again. In this case, make sure you’v set up time zone correctly, if it not work, you can try to restart your device and turn off/on your iMessages to fix this iMessages activation error. Read More >> 

Problem 5. iPhone Apps Won’t Update and Download

Problem 6. Can’t Restore from iCloud Backup

Problem 7. Can’t Backup iPhone iPad to iCloud

Problem 8. Not Enough Space on iPhone iPad

Problem 9. Bluetooth Problems

Problem 10. Cellular Data Won’t Work

Problem 11. Some Data Loss Accidentally from iPhone

Source: iOS Update Problem and Solutions – iMobie

You may have some other Apple iOS update problems we didn’t posted in this article, comment it and discuss!


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