Drop iPhone 6s into Water? What is Best Emergency Solution

Have bought one brand-new iPhone 6s but dropped it into water, which is absolutely a terrible disaster. And you might think that you would get a water-damaged device with no available data on it. Actually, don’t worry, you are not the only one who dropped an iPhone in water. And you have chance to save your iPhone from water-damaged. And even if you lost all data on your iPhone 6s, there are some place you can go to find your lost data. Now let’s see what people should do when this kind of problem.

Tip 1. Get iPhone off Water Immediately

After your iPhone fell in water, no matter river or toilet, you should get the device out as soon as possible to prevent water from flowing into your device.

Tip 2. Turn off Your iPhone If It is not Auto-Turned-Off

Don’t turn on your iPhone, and if it is on, turn off it to avoid damage to some important components, such as battery.

Tip 3. Dry out iPhone with Cloth, Hair Dryer and Rice

Remove the envelope and some other accessories on your iPhone, and dry, wipe off the water and dirt with clean cloth.

Of course, hair dryer could be nice helper to dry your wet iPhone, but don’t keep doing so within a very short distance, because the high temperature may hurt your iPhone components.

After drying the visible water, you could use rice to absorb moisture in your iPhone. The rice should be enrich and un-cooked. Just bag some rich and put your iPhone 6s into the bag. Make sure encase your device with the rice for 3 days.

Tip 4. What if data loss on iPhone 6s

Normally, we couldn’t recover from an water-damaged iPhone, you can’t turn on it and couldn’t have a restore. But if you have one iTunes or iCloud backup, it would be much different. No matter using another iOS device to restore from iTunes/iCloud, or use third part backup extracting tools.

You may have your opinion on this topic “iPhone 6s fell into water”, just share your story and comment your idea!


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