How to Backup iMessages in iOS 9/10

“After updating to iOS 10.1.1, I found I couldn’t create an iTunes backup on my pc, then how to fix this issue, and does iTunes save my iMessage conversation, or is there some other method could directly make it? my iPhone is 6s.”

Normally, this problem can be easily fixed by updating your iTunes to the latest version, and iTunes does backup your iMessages and SMS. But if some iTunes problems still stop you from backing up your iPhone 6s after updating iTunes to 12.5.2, there are some other methods you can use to quickly backup iPhone 6 contacts  without iTunes.

For example, you can easily save some secret conversation by taking screenshots, but it’s not suitable to save a complete messages conversation, so in this article, there is  one tool offered for you to easily backup messages, including messages, Messages and attached files.

Tool to Backup, Transfer and Print iMessages in iOS 9/10

This transferring tool is named AnyTrans, and it’s said that you can easily use this to transfer more than 20 types of files between your iPhone and Mac/PC. So it could be very simple for you to extract all of your messages, transfer some specific messages, and save them as printable documents, such as PDF.

About How to Save iMessages to PDF

It’s developer provides with one guide of how to print text messages from iPhone with AnyTrans, and in this guide, it shows you how to use this tool to transfer texts from iPhone to computer and then print the saved message conversation, and it also applies to iMessages. Additionally, this tool is helpful if you want to view and extract messages from iTunes and iCloud backup.

Free Trial? Price?

AnyTrans provides 7 days free trial with 350 items transferring, and according to its latest price lists, now the price is $39.99 for life-time using.

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