[iOS 9/10] Get Back Deleted iPhone Text Messages/iMesssages

“My iPhone text messages accidentally disappeared after I followed software update notice on my iPhone 6 to got the recent iOS 9.3.5. I have no clue how this happened, can I get back the lost messages, especially some attached pictures that my business partner sent to me.”

Usually, while bringing some improvements and bug fixes to make your devices goes more smoothly,one new released iOS update, no matter iOS 9.3.5 or upcoming iOS 10, probably also brings some serious issues, such as sync problem, iPhone black screen, messages disappear issue that we talk about in this post or some other problem.

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If you experienced recently iOS update, you will know that almost all iOS update will cause some issues about messages disappearing. So you are not alone if you lost some messages and attached pictures/voice after update to iOS 9.3.5 or iOS 10 final version.

Get backup deleted messages by restoring your device

Actually, you may lose SMS or iMessages due to bad Internet connection or fail to restore your device data after updating to new iOS, no matter you are using iTunes or iCloud to update your iPhone/iPad to the newest iOS operation. In this case, you can try to have another iPhone/iPad-restoring to get back your lost messages.

If you have a backup on iCloud, just try to read this tutorial: How to Restore from iCloud Backup. If you have a backup on computer, you can try to restore your lost messages by using iTunes on your computer. Just connect your device to computer, run iTunes, move to the menu of iTunes and click File > Device > Restore from backup. After choose one backup, you can restore your device and get back deleted messages.

Notice: Restoring may erase data and settings on your iPhone.

Restoring can’t work, how to retrieve deleted messages

Sometimes, you may find the method of restoring your device couldn’t get back your lost messages attachments and even just a text. So what to do?

In this situation, you can try to seek for help from some top backup extract tools. For example, with PhoneRescue, you can quickly preview backup data on iCloud and iTunes, and find whether there are some deleted messages stored in the backup. Additionally, you can save the lost items from backup to computer.

In the end

Your iMessages appearing issue may be caused by Apple online server problem – your device can’t download messages from the server instantly. So you can wait for some days when server works normally.

Welcome any comments about this topic on how to get back iOS update deleted messages. And thanks for viewing this post.


One thought on “[iOS 9/10] Get Back Deleted iPhone Text Messages/iMesssages

  1. My wifes sms messages disappear as soon as she sends them or reads and shuts them. This happens straight away. She has I phone 6 9.3.1. Any assistance greatly appreciated. She can send or receive and there is no record of this on her ph


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