iOS 9/9.3 Problem: Fix Can’t Backup iPhone iPad to iCloud

“Since update iPhone 6 to iOS 9.3, can’t backup device to iCloud, even have tried many methods, such as deleting old backups to free up iCloud space, turning off and on iCloud on iPhone, manually backing up, and automatically backup to iCloud. “

Actually, there are many reasons why you cannot backup your iPhone iPad or iPod touch to iCloud server after update to a new iOS, no matter iOS 9/9.1/9.2 or recent iOS 9.2.1/9.3.

Why I Can’t Backup to iCloud and How to Fix?

1, The data you want to backup is so large.

You can check which items on your iPhone will be backed up to iCloud and the size of these items, such as photos, videos, messages, apps and so on. If they are all some big files, then change your backup plan. Or try to backup them to computer. 

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2, iCloud have no free storage.

If you have no available space on your iCloud server (Free Storage of iCloud is only 5GB), you can’t create new backup. It is time for you to delete some old iCloud backup or pay Apple for a large space. 

To delete old iCoud backup, go to setting > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage. Before deleting, you are suggested backup your iPhone to iTunes first.

Question: If I couldn’t delete iCloud backup after update to new iOS, such iOS 9/9.1/9.3?

Solutions: you can try to delete iCloud backup on computer instead of on your device.

3, Bad internet/wifi network connection.

Bad network connection could stop you backing up your iPhone/iPad to iCloud on computer or on device. So check the network, and make sure it is stable. Or reset network setting by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

4, iCloud server overload and is so busy.

Sometimes, Apple iCloud server issue could lead to the backup problem. If Apple admit that it is because of its server overloading, just wait for some days.

5, iOS bugs.

After updating to new iOS, you may find you cannot backup to iCloud. And other versions of iOS work well on this point. In this situation, it could be some bugs of new version of iOS. Normally, you can notice Apple about this issue and waiting for bug fixed and another iOS update. 

Other solutions you could have a try.

1, Restore your iOS Device

Firstly, backup your iPhone or iPad to iTunes. And then reset your iPhone/iPad to factory default setting, and then restore with iTunes backup. 

2, Remove your iCloud account and re-login.

3, Force restart you iPhone/iPad by by holding on both home button and sleep button.

Thanks for reading this post and any comments on how to solve iCloud backup problems are welcome here!


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