iOS 9.2/9.3 – Fix iPhone Messages & Call History Missing Issue

After upgrading my iPhone 6s to iOS 9.3.3, messages and recently call histories disappeared. And my iPhone had an issue that stoped me restoring my messages and call histories from my backup. So how can I get back my missing messages and call history?”, one iPhone user questioned on iPhone forum.

After updating to new iOS operating system, some of iPhone iPad users may meet this kind of issue about iPhone messages missing, which may driving you nuts especially when there are some important info contained in the lost items. So in this post, we talk about how to get back missing messages and call histories in iOS 9.1/9.2/9.3, and provide some methods that we collected online, which we think is also available for recovering lost data in iOS 8/9.

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Method 1. Restore iPhone via iTunes/iCloud. (Basic)

If you have created backup before data loss, you have chance to get back what you have lost on your iPhone, no matter they are text messages, iMessages, messages attachments or call histories (All of this items can be backed up to iTunes and iCloud). But before restoring, you should know that all iPhone data and setting would be replaced by backup.

Method 2. Restart or Force Restart iPhone. (Simple)

Some users said this method is useful to fix iOS messages missing after update, and it is pretty simple. Just turn off and turn on your device. Or hold on both home and power buttons to force restart your iPhone.

Method 3. Update your iTunes to Latest Version.

Sometimes you can’t retrieve data from iTunes backup, you can try this method. The latest iTunes always work well with your iPhone 6s in iOS 9.1/9.2/9.3. So if you want to get back missing messages and call log, before restoring, you can update iTunes to latest.

Method 4. Professional iPhone Recover Software. (Advanced)

The benefit of these apps is that you can view messages and call histories on backup and extract what you lost from backup data without erasing all contents on your iPhone. Additionally, you can use some of these software to get the missing messages and call histories even when you have no iPhone backup.

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