Backup Photos to iCloud or Mac/PC for iPhone 6s/iPad Pro

Recently, my friend Jack asked me a question about how to backup Camera Roll photos on his new bought iPhone 6s. He said that his iPhone is now full of taken pictures of products that he will upload to his company website. And, these files take up so many storage of his iPhone 6s.

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So how to save and backup these photos to some place and then delete them on iPhone? In this post, we tell you two common ways to backup photos on your new bought iPhone 6/6s, and it is also available to save photos on iPad Pro and other devices in iOS 9/9.1.

Method 1, Transfer Photos from iPhone/iPad to Computer

No matter what iPhone or iPad you are using, you can transfer photos from these iOS device to a computer. And there are many methods you can use to save pictures on your iPhone 6s or iPad Pro to computer.

iPhone Photos to Windows 7:

  1. Connect iPhone/iPad to computer.
  2. If you see AutoPlay popup window, click “Import pictures and videos”.
  3. If you don’t see, click “Start” > Computer, find “Portable Devices”, right click and click “Import pictures and videos”.

iPhone Photos to Windows 8:

  1. Connect iPhone/iPad to computer. (if you first time connect, some drivers will be automatically installed.)
  2. Go to “The PC”, right click and choose “Import pictures and videos”.
  3. Select “Review….import”, and click “More options” at the bottom-left corner of the window.

iPhone Photos to Mac/MacBook:

After installing some app on your Mac, you can easily get photos from your iPhone 6/6s or iPad Pro to your Mac computer, such as using iPhoto, Preview, Aperture or Image Capture. However, all of these apps can import only Camera Roll Photos from your iOS devices to your Mac computer. If you want get more than Camera Roll, for example want to export Photo Stream, Photo Library photos, you can try to use more professional tool, such AnyTrans (supports win 7/8/10 also).

Backup photos to iTunes backup:

If you are using iTunes on your computer, no matter Windows or Mac, you could backup your iPhone/iPad. And as Apple said, the iTunes backup you created with your device contains photos. However, you cannot view the photos on your backup except you restoring your device or using some iTunes backup extractor.

Method 2, Backup Photos to Online Drive

If you have no computer around, you can choose to backup your Photos online. The most common way people use to backup iPhone/iPad photos are Apple iCloud Photo Library – you can upload photos to iCloud and access these files on any iOS device or Mac with your Apple ID. However, there are only 5GB storage available. If you have more than 5GB pictures, you have to pay for more online iCloud storage.

Backing up photos to iCloud Photo Library is quite simple, just unlock your device (iOS 8.3 or later), tap Setting > iCloud > Photos, and turn on iCloud Photo Library. After that, photos and videos will upload when Wi-Fi connected and battery charged.

Of course, there are some iCloud alternatives you can also have a try, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and MediaFire.

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Thanks for your viewing this post about how to backup iPhone/iPad photos to computer/iCloud. And welcome any comments on this topic.



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