2 Ways to Transfer Text Messages/iMessages to New iPhone 6/6s/7

How to transfer text messages and iMessages from old iPhone to new iPhone 6/6s/SE or new released iPhone 7? 

My friend Alvin told me that he just got his new iPhone 6s and plan to sell his old iPhone 5. But before selling, he want to copy text messages and iMessages to his new iPhone 6s.

And recently this September, it rumored that Apple would release its new iPhone generation – iPhone 7. No doubt that there would be so many people buy this new iPhone. And just like Alvin, if you are one of these people and own two iPhones, you may want to copy all messages to new iPhone. About how to make this, you can read this post to get some tips about transferring text messages, iMessages and attached files to another iPhone, no matter it is 6/6s/SE or iPhone 7.

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Copy All Messages Between Two iPhones via iTunes and iCloud

As Apple said, iPhone messages data can be backed up to iCloud or iTunes. And you can restore another iPhone with the backup to get all data to the iPhone, including the messages you backed up.

However, what you should know is that iTunes or iCloud backup contains not only iPhone messages, which means you have no choice to backup only messages to iCloud or iTunes and transfer only text messages, iMessages and attachments to another iPhone.

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Method to Transfer Only Messages to New iPhone 6/6s/SE

If you search on Google about how to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone, you may find some tools could make it and transfer only messages from one iPhone to another. For example, AnyTrans new added features – Clone and Merge enables iPhone users to transfer only messages from one iPhone to another. Of course, this kind of tools also helps iPhone users transfer other types of data.

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Maybe you have some good ideas about how to transfer text messages, iMessages and attachments from old iPhone to new iPhone, be free to talk about it by leaving a comment below, which may be useful to other people.


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