3 Ways to Download Free Music on iPhone 6/6s/7/SE – iOS 9/10

Updated in Sep 30th, 2016

You may have got an new iPhone 7, iPhone 6/6s or SE this 2016, and decided to download some free music to new bought iPhone. And you may be interested in some free music download apps or some websites to download free songs. In this post, we offer three methods for you to get free music to your iPhone, and the method is also available to get free songs to iPad/iPod. Now let’s check them.

Method 1. Use Free Music Downloader for iPhone

You may have found some top best free music downloads for iPhone before. But now since 2014, most of free music download apps or music download function of some music apps for iOS have been removed by Apple, such as iDownload (Now it has no function to download video and radio files).

Although you can use some apps to streaming songs online for free on your iPhone, but you cannot download these songs to your iTunes.

Some popular free music streaming apps:

  • Musi is one free app you can use to stream songs from YouTube and AirPlay enable device.
  • Beats Music is an innovative streaming service for USA music lover, and you can download this app to your iPhone and use it to listen music online and offline. You have free trial before you buy it.
  • Spotify Music for iOS are also enable you to listen to songs online, but if you want to ad free and listen offline with high quality audio, you have to pay for it. The price of this app is $9.99 per month.

Method 2. Download Free Music from Website to iPhone

You can download free music from some top music website to your computer and then sync them to your iPhone by using iTunes.

Some free music download Sites:

  • mp3.com
  • jamendo.com
  • incompetech.com
  • imslp.org
  • mp3pm.com
  • freemusicarchive.org

Method 3. Import Free Music From A Different Device

You can try to get some songs from your friends, family members or workmates by transferring them to your iPhone 6/6s from their Mac, Windows PC, Android Phone, iPod, iPad or another iPhone. However, the common tool we use to manager our iPhone music is iTunes, which only enables us to “sync” purchased songs from computer to our device. So sometimes, a free iPhone music transfer, could be your nice choice to get free music to your iPhone from another place.

iMobie Guide: Two Ways to Import Music to iPhone >>


One thought on “3 Ways to Download Free Music on iPhone 6/6s/7/SE – iOS 9/10

  1. The cleverity of removing such free downloader app is going to decrease marketing of the brand.
    All my known colleagues are deciding to change their iOS 9 device.

    This is totally waste device.


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