Fix “iMessages Activation Failed” Issue – iOS 9/9.2/9.3

iMessages activation issue is one of common problems you may face when updating iPhone/iPad to a new iOS operating system, such as iOS 8, iOS 9 and 9.3. Although the new released 9.3 aims to solve this activation problems, it seems have brought new iMessages problems to some users, people reported  “can’t send and receive iMessages after updating to iOS 9.3” (have no solution now).

In this post, we just talk about some basic tips to solve iMessages activation failed problems, and hope the future iOS could solve the iMessages bugs in iOS 9.3. Now let’s check the tips below.

  1. Make sure cellular data and WIFI connected well.
  2. Set up your Time Zone correctly.
  3. Turn off iMessage and restart or “Force” restart iOS device:
  4. Force restart: Holding both “Power” and “Home” buttons to turn off device, and then turn on device.
  5. Make sure you can receive SMS: If you are using iPhone, you can contact your carrier to make sure you can get text messages.
  6. Log out Apple ID and then login.
  7. Reset network setting or reset all contents and setting/restore iPhone/iPad:
  8. You iOS device > Setting > General > Reset, you can reset network or reset all contents and setting now.
  9. Contact Apple support.
  10. Retry and Retry!

Apple – Get an error when trying to activate iMessages
iMessages Activate Failed Problems after iOS 9 update

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