Downgrade from iOS 9.1 Beta to iOS 9 Final Version [3 Steps]

Apple has officially released the final version of iOS 9 after about 3 month beta testing, and brings some new features to iOS users, including smarter Siri, low-power mode, and some new build-in apps’ improvements (Maps, News, Notes etc).

If you are one of Apple users who have upgraded your device to iOS 9.1 beta, downgrading to iOS 9 final is also worthwhile because the final version is absolutely more stable than beta – beta version is for testing and always has some bugs you can’t fix.

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3 Steps to Quickly Downgrade to iOS 9 Final Version with iTunes 

We find this solution on Apple forum, which tells you how to downgrade from 9.1 beta to iOS 9 without losing your content and setting on your iOS devices.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to iTunes.
Step 2. While your device is connected, force restart it.

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time. Don’t release when you see the Apple logo. Keep holding until you see the Recovery Mode screen.

Step 3. Choose Update to download and install the latest non-beta version of iOS.

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