Have No Storage on iPhone 6/6s/SE? Clean Up iOS 9/8/10

After updating to iOS 9.3.5 or iOS 10, do you find that there is almost no spare room to take pictures/videos or download new app/game on your iPhone/iPad?

The storage of iPhone 6 and the newest iPhone 6s/iPhone SE is limited, especially for the 16GB users. Although it rumored that the basic storage of upcoming new iPhone 7 would be 32GB, if you are one of enthusiasts for music, movies or games, iPhone storage would be quickly be run out, too. So it’s necessary for you to know some tips about how to organize storage space on your iPhone and clean up space on your iPhone 6/6s/se or iPad/iPod touch.

First of All: To know what are eating storage of your iPhone 6/6s in iOS 9 

After checking your iPhone storage usages, you can get out what types of files or which apps are eating you iPhone space. Now start to organize these kinds of files by following the tips below.

News:  Mar 2016, some users found iPhone storage suddenly be full, and it said removing WhatsApp was helpful to fix this problem.

Tip 1. Clean iPhone Storage by Deleting Unwanted Photos/Videos

Camera Roll photos or videos you took are always one of the top 10 data types which taking up your iPhone storage. If you want to clean them and free up your iPhone, you’d better backup them to you computer or iCloud.

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Tip 2. Delete unused apps on iPhone 6/6s/SE, especially the large ones.

Tip 3. Free up Safari Storage by Cleaning History/Cache.

iPhone > Setting > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.

Tip 4. Delete Messages and Emails to Get More Space

Note: Before deleting text messages, you can backup some important SMS to computer.

Tip 5. Reinstall Apps to Delete App History/Cache/Junk.

“Documents and Data” on storage usage always take much space of your iPhone 6/6s/SE. And this method is helpful for fully removing “Documents and Data” of one app. Just delete you app and reinstall it.

Delete documents and data on iPhone - image from iMobie

Delete documents and data on iPhone – image from iMobie

Note: This method will delete all history/caches on your iPhone, so don’t use this tip to clean your iPhone if the caches or history are important to you. For example, some WhatsApp chat history sometimes is very important to you, delete and reinstall WhatsApp may delete this kind of chat history.

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Tip 6. Manually Clean App Junk files/Caches/History

Some apps have their setting items to delete download files, chat history or something else to free up space, such as you can login YouTube to delete watch history and search history.

Tip 7. Clean iPhone Junks with 3rd-Party Software.

There are some tools you can use to 1-click clean junk files on your iPhone, such as PhoneClean, one iOS cleaner tool to remove iPhone junk, and it is compatible with any iPhone models, including old iPhone 4/4s in iOS 7, and new released iPhone 6/6s/SE in iOS 9.3.3.

Updated on Sep 5th, 2016

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