Safari Crashing Freezing after iOS 9.3/9/8 Update – How to Fix

As one of best mobile browsing apps, safari is popularly used by many iOS devices’ users. However, some Apple users reported that after updating to the new iOS, many apps crashes and freezes, including Safari, iBook etc, And recently, some iOS 9.3 users also complained about this safari problems.

If you are one of these users face the problem about safari crashing and freezing after update to iOS 9.3, maybe you can try the basic tips below to fix it. and these tips applies to other devices in iOS 9 and iOS 8

1, Turn off Safari Suggestions (for iOS 9.2.1 Safari Problem)

Settings > Safari > Turn off Safari Suggestions

2, Disable Safari Synced with iCloud  >>>

Setting > iCloud > Disable by With off Safari

3,  Clean Safari History and Website Data >>>

Setting > Safari > Clear History and Website Data

Setting > Safari > Advanced > Website Data > Remove All

4, Restart or Force Restart iPhone >>>

Turn off iPhone by holding power or by holding both power and home buttons. And then turn on your iPhone.

5, Reset Network Settings >>>

Setting > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

Source: iBook Crash After Updating to a new iOS

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12 thoughts on “Safari Crashing Freezing after iOS 9.3/9/8 Update – How to Fix

  1. After clearing my history and website data and network settings and soft reseting blah blah blah. Turning off “Safari Suggestions” as MG suggested worked! Thank you.


  2. did as advised an my safari is now working perfectly again, I recommend trying this to anyone who is suffering with safari crashing issues

    Thanks very much for the initial post


  3. i was doing just fine with my iphone 5, now my new iphone 6s plus wont work, safari keeps crashing if i try to hit a link, running 9.3 any new suggestions?


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