Accidentally deleted iPhone messages, what can I do? [Tips]

Accidentally Delete Text Messages iPhone

Accidentally Delete Text Messages iPhone

“How do you recover deleted text messages on iPhone? “ Lalolozai questioned on Apple forum. In this post, we are talking about how to retrieve iPhone messages, including SMS, iMessages, WhatsApp messages and Skype messages.

How to Get Back Deleted Messages from iPhone?

1, you can directly restore your iPhone/iPad from backup if you have one iTunes/iCloud backup.

If you have a good habit to back up your device everyday, absolutely, you can get back the messages you deleted easily by simply restoring, which is the perfect free way to retrieve something you lost on your iPhone/iPad.

2, you can restore only the messages and messages attachments from iPhone by using third-part software.

Some backup extracting tools enable you access iOS backup and extract specific data from your iCloud or iTunes backup. And some of these tools provide free trial, such as AnyTrans.

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3, you can try to scan your deleted messages on iPhone if there is no backup you created before.

Although Apple doesn’t provide you the official tool to recover text messages, there are also some softwares you can try to scan and find the deleted messages that are not overwritten. And most of them are able to recover more than deleted SMS.

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