How to Speed Up Your iPhone/iPad Before Update to iOS 9

iOS 9 would be the greatest edition for Apple mobile users in this year. However, if you are using some old Apple iOS devices. You should think about how to speed up your device before updating to this new iOS 9 in fall, otherwise, you might get some trouble in/after the process to update to iOS 9. Now let’s talk about some basic tips to speed up your slow devices, no matter whether you have decided to have this update in September.

The 1st tip to speed up your iPhone: Delete the Apps You “Never Use”

You may have download so many useless apps from iTunes/App store. Now, let’s clean them by tap into iPhone storage, delete the ones you think not useful now, especially some free apps you can download anytime when you need them.

The 2nd: Delete some large files on your iPhone/iPad before update to iOS 9

Have you found some large files, such as movies, songs, pictures or some other data on your iPhone/iPad when you checked your iPhone storage. You can backup them to your computer and remove them from your iPhone.

The 3rd: There is one way to delete all contents on your iPhone/iPad – Resetting Your Device

If you make sure that you have no important data on your device, you can use this method to erase all content and settings on your device by tapping into setting > general > reset. You will get your iPhone/iPad to default setting.

Note: you should have your devices backed up before you try to have them to the default setting.

End: there are some tips you can use to temporarily speed up your iPhone:

1, Close the apps/games you are using now, maybe so many apps you have turning on.

2, Turn off Background Apps Refresh and Auto-Update

3, Restart your iPhone/iPad or Force Restart.

4, Reset your Network setting.

Note: Before deleting, you are suggested to back up your iPhone/iPad data by using iTunes/iCloud, or extract some important files from device to computer by using transferring apps, such as AnyTrans.

Thanks for your viewing, and welcome any commenting and sharing!


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