Goodbye to Unknown Numbers: iOS 9 Tell You Who Calling

Call from Unknown Number - iOS 9

Call from Unknown Number – iOS 9

Apple released iOS 9, the newest version of its mobile devices’ operating system. The most attractive features of this iOS would be MultiTasking that enables you use two apps at the same time, and battery Saving-Mode. And also some hidden features are provided such as Safari Ads Blocking. But although these features are good, they are not something creative. Well,  new iOS 9 make a good improve to add some other item when you receiving an unknown call.

Each time you receive a call from your contacts, iPhone will show the name of the person calling you. And now, it is possible that Apple will show you the name of the unknown calling person which is not listed in your contact just like the screenshot below, which is a little interesting and useful sometimes.

This interesting iOS 9 feature comes from an analysis of the contacts you have stored in your emails. And we don’t know whether it is safe about this feature that Apple accesses our email content without our permission.  In addition, this feature is useless if there is no info about the secret coming number in your Email app.

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