How to Clean “Incorrect” Photos Camera Storage [iPhone 6/6s]

“I have deleted all photos on my iPhone 6, and now there is Zero pics in Albums, including Camera Roll, Recently Deleted, Synced from iPhone and Photo Stream. However, when checking setting > general > usage > storage > manage storage, it shows 0.9GB in photos & camera. And iTunes shows there are  0.9 GB also. So something hidden behind are eating my iPhone space? “Jaassy posted his question recently after updating his iPhone 6 to iOS 9.

About how to remove this phantom photos from iPhone/iPad. After several attempts, people found:

Methods Don’t Work

  • Deleting attached pictures in Messages/WhatsApp/FB Messenger.
  • Syncing iPhone again without selecting any photos.
  • Resetting iOS device to factory setting.

Methods Do Work

>>>>Set date back to September 1st, 2014 and clean “Recently Delete”.

Set Time Back and Clean Phantom Photos

Set Time Back and Clean Phantom Photos

  1. iPhone 6 > Setting > General > Date & Time > Turn off Set Automatically.
  2. Set time back to Sep 1, 2014.
  3. iPhone > Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted.
  4. Clean photos.

>>>> Delete photo backup on iCloud

  1. iPhone 6 > General > Usage > iCloud > Manage Storage
  2. Select your iPhone > Turn off Camera Roll/Photo Library backup > Delete

Welcome any comments to share your idea about how to solve phantom photos problem.



10 thoughts on “How to Clean “Incorrect” Photos Camera Storage [iPhone 6/6s]

  1. Hello, mine is an iPhone 6, but when I got it I deleted the “Recently Deleted” folder, you know how can I get rid of all the “phanthom” photos? Thank you!


  2. Hi! I tried setting back the time and it doesn’t work for me. I set back to multiple times, since I bought the IPhone and going forward 30 days at the time, and my “Recently deleted” is always empty.
    I even changed phones (I had a 4S and now I have a 5) and the problem continued.
    Just now, I deleted everything in my camera roll but in ITunes my IPhone has 2657 photos.
    Any ideas? Other solutions that you know might work?
    Thanks a lot!


  3. Setting the date back to September 1, 2014 didn’t work for me. However, I decided to set the date all the way back to 2007. Then I force quit the photos app and then reopened it. And then it worked! I deleted all the old phantom photos and freed up 9 GB. Thanks so much!!

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  4. Nothing has worked for me – not setting the date back, not turning off syncing photos in itunes, nothing. I am beyond frustrated.


  5. This procedure used to work like a charm for me, but now no longer does. About a year ago I went to the Genius Bar with this issue and not only did they not have an answer, they treated me like an idiot and said this issue did not exist. At least I DO know it does exist. Very frustrating problem to have.


  6. Worked for me – even if it says no photos in recently deleted – go through the motions and it works. The date is irrelevant as long as it is in the past by a fair margin!


  7. Thanks so much! I just fixed my dad’s iphone 4 (yes, really, he’s still working with a 4) by setting back the date. I had to try different dates, the magic happened around mid 2015 where I found 900 photos and a bunch of videos. Once they were deleted I went back another month and found 40 more, which I also deleted. I couldn’t find any more and didn’t need to do the iCloud bit. It gave my dad’s phone 2.4 GB of freedom. On an 8GB phone that’s a lot!


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