Pick One Song As Alarm Sound From Apple Music – iOS 8.4

You may not be satisfied with your current alarm sounds, and want to make them fresh and attractive. In this post, we talk about how to pick one of your favorite songs from Apple Music to be your alarm sound, and to wake up you in the morning.

Apple Music to Alarm Sound

Apple Music to Alarm Sound

iOS 8.4 brings new features to the new Music app for all iPhone, iPad, iPod users. Now, you can open your music app and easily enjoy almost any kind of music by using Apple Music service after updating your iPhone to iOS 8.4.

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The first step to set Apple music song as one alarm sound is to find the song you want in Apple Music and download them to music library by find the songs in Apple Music > “Add to My Music”.

The second step is to build a new Alarm: Open Clock app > “Alarm” > tap “+” to create a new alarm.

The Last step: set your downloaded song to Alarm sound. edit your added alarm > tap “Sound” > “Pick a song” > Choose one song from music library > tap “Back” > tap “Save”

Now, you own one special alarm sound you choose from Apple music. And it will be wonderful for you to wake up with your favorite songs.

If you are one of people who love special things, you may like the iPhone tutorial:  Set Custom Ringtone on iPhone, which introduce 4 methods to set one special iPhone ringtone.


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