Update to iOS 8.4 Or Not? [Suggestion with Reasons]

Some of you may be suggested to update to new iOS 8.4 in these days. And of course, you may wonder whether it is worth installing iOS 8.4 to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. So in this post, we collected some tips on this topic for you to decide whether to do some changes on your iOS devices before the new iOS 9 release – Reasons update to/not to iOS 8.4.

[Part 1] – Reasons Not Update to iOS 8.4

New iOS always bring new bugs. So we’d better not install iOS 8.4 before we know it completely. Just wait for some days !

1, Complaints from iOS 8.4 users

“Dear Apple, You have lost the shuffle feature at the artist level on collection of albums, made everything smaller in the music app making it harder to read or navigate, and iBooks app is still riddled with bugs. Please restore the shuffle feature and squash all bugs in iOS 9. Also perform better end user testing and quality control testing to ensure no feature or function or setting is lost. ” —— Gregory Mysliwiec, Comment from Mashable

2, “Home Sharing for Songs” Gone Missing in iOS 8.4

Now, after updating to iOS 8.4, most of you can use Home Sharing for Videos. However, the Home Share for Audio/Songs/Music is only available for Apple TV users.

Luckily, Home Share for songs will be back, Apple accepted this problem of iOS 8.4 and tweeted  “We are working to have Home Sharing in iOS 9.

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3, Can’t Sync Music/Playlists After Updating to iOS 8.4

Many Apple users said they can’t sync iTunes music or playlists to their device after updating their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to iOS 8.4.

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4, Can’t Send Pictures/Media via iMessages, MMS, IM

After updating to iOS 8.4, some users can’t send photos or video to their contacts via iMessages, MMS, or Skype, WhatsApp.

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[Part 2] –  Reasons Update to iOS 8.4

Apple showed its new iOS 8.4 for all iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users on Tuesday. And in this new iOS 8.4, as it said, it improved and redesigned its Music and iBook apps. Additionally, it fixed some bugs and issues of old iOS.  And the new features may be the reasons why you should install this new iOS to your device.

1, To Enjoy More Songs Online

The iOS 8.4 added Apple Music Streaming Service in Music app. Different from iTunes Music, you can enjoy almost all music by paying 9.99$ per month instead of paying for tracks. Now amazing is that you will have 3-Month Free Trial before you pay after you updating your iPhone,iPad,iPod to iOS 8.4 and being a new Apple Music Member.

2, To Know You loved Artist Better

The “Connect” feature makes you access your loved artists’ recently activities, provides you thoughts, photos, music & videos of them. And you can even join the conversation with the shared things.

3, To Enjoy Audio Books in iBooks App

Audiobook feature in Music App now is transferred to iBook.

4, Bugs Fixed in iOS 8.4

iOS 8.4 fixed bugs about GPS, Apple Watch App Reinstall Problem etc.

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Welcome your comments about iOS 8.4, No matter iOS 8.4 problems or new features testing results. And thanks for viewing !


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