How to Get Voice Memos off iPhone 6/6s (Plus) in 3 Ways

Research shows that 70% of iPhone users are using voice memos app to record their voice melody, meeting, lecture or something else. Therefore, I believe that there are some people who plan to get out voice memos recordings off their new bought iPhone 6 (Plus) or iPhone 6s just like me. In this article, I share some tips about how to get voice memos off  iPhone 6/6s.

Emailing and Messaging iPhone Voice Memos

Most of users would like to share interesting voice memo recording by using emails or messages. And this iPhone function is provided by default.  And of course, it is quick way if you just want to share a small piece of voices with friends and family.

To transfer voice memos with emil:

Locate the voice memo you want to transfer and tap “Share” button on Voice Memo app, then you can choose email to transfer the voice memo to your friend.

Download iPhone Voice Memos to Computer with iTunes

It is free for you to use Apple iTunes on your computer to sync your voice memos from iPhone 6/6s to computer, which is easy if you are familiar with iTunes Sync.

Apple Tutorial: Sync Your iPhone, iPad, iPod with iTunes Using USB

Note: you should be careful, because some of your important data may be erased when sync.

Using Third-Part iPhone Transfer Tool if Necessary

Sometimes when iTunes cannot sync, without internet connected or you just don’t like the complicated iTunes sync process, one transfer tool such as  AnyTrans could be a better choice.

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