Tips about Transferring Pictures from iPhone 6 (Plus) to Computer

My friend bought an iPhone 6 plus last week, and took many pictures of his little fat brother, yesterday, at a party. Now the question is coming – how to transfer these interesting pictures from his new iPhone to computer for backup. Think that no memory card on your iPhone.

There, we collected some methods after so much clicks and searches.

  1. Email from iPhone and receive on your computer. 

You need two email accounts. Just login one of your accounts on your iPhone and attach your pictures and send them to another account. Then open your MacBook or Windows PC. Receive them on your computer.

  1. Skype, WhatsApp, or some other Multimedia Messaging Apps.

Just like the method 1, you need two accounts to share pictures between the account on iPhone and the account on computer. And make sure that the Instant Messager supports both iPhone & computer.

  1. Professional transfer software for iPhone on Mac/PC. 

Many third-part transfer softwares can make transferring easier and quicker, such as PhoneTrans, which is free. Of course, if you want a better transfer service, there are some paid softwares you can choose, such as AnyTrans. You can use it to transfer contents freely between iPhone and computer. And you needn’t pay it if you think it useless after 7 days free trial.  Guide: 1 Click to Extract Contents to Computer With AnyTrans

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