WhatsApp Removed Call iCon from Its Latest Version for iPhone

The Instant Messaging Service – WhatsApp Updated its latest version of iPhone (iOS). They said it is for “Fixing Bugs”. If you download and run it, you will find the call icon button have been removed from the conversation interface.

When and How Call iCon Started?

A year ago, WhatsApp let us know at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona before summer introduce voice calls over the IP protocol. On them were correct to detail that would be stable even on 2G coverage, a challenge for the company of Mark Zuckerberg by the number of users worldwide using its instant messaging service on these networks. Meanwhile, we have already seen the Mobile World Congress 2015, has gone a full year and still WhatsApp launch this new feature.

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Call Button = Useless?

In February 2015, WhatsApp started the call button on its chatting interface, which every WhatsApp funs expected. But when testing, some users complained that the calling on WhatApp is charged and useless.

“Though call button has appeared near contact but the call is being charged at normal calling rates.” — one comment from NDTV

We can get nothing about free but to call our contacts. This icon was visible in individual conversations and served as a shortcut for a regular voice call, no VoIP calls. Obviously, the usefulness of this icon was nil, why has removed all traces of it in the last update.

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