Have You Heard of iPod Touch 6? About The 6th Generation iPod Touch Release Date, Features and Price

According to the report of January 21 the Master Herald , users no longer have to ask for more, since the new 6th-generation iPod Touch is an “entertainment device fully charged.”

About the 6 Generation of iPod touch Release Date

Christian Today predicts that Apple will officially unveil the new iPod in March during the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Master Herald says it is likely to launch coincides with the unveiling of Apple Watch and the new operating system, which could be an upgrade to the new iOS: iOS 8 or 9.

Apple could have launched a new 6th generation iPod Touch in 2014, mentions Master Herald, but did not because I really wanted to show a “perfect music device” definitely excel over their predecessors. The current iPod Touch 5th generation was unveiled in September 2012. So it is expected that the new iPod Touch will be released this year have major improvements and new features.

About the iPod touch 6 Sizes

The new 6th generation iPod Touch supposedly have two sizes, as with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Master Herald says the device will have a version of 5.5 “and a variant of 4.7”.

About the 6 Generation Features

Christian Today said the new iPod will probably A8 processor, although there are those who say they will probably have an A9 processor. Moreover, the source said probably has the new mobile payment system, Apple Pay.

As for colors, it is expected that the new iPod has the same colors as his predecessor. These are spatial, yellow, blue, red, pink and silver. Although it is likely that includes one gold or white when it arrives.

How is the iPhone 6?

It has been noted that the characteristics of 6th-generation iPod Touch are very similar to the iPhone 6. If this happens, there is a probability that iPod sales down because more people will definitely choose a more powerful and capable device like the iPhone 6 .

About the Price of this new generation of iPod touch

Pricewise, Master Herald think will be $ 250 for 6th Generation iPod Touch 16GB.Meanwhile, the price of the 64GB version would be $ 300 and the 128GB of over $ 250.Regarding competition, the iPod is cheaper than the Sony Walkman ZX2, which cost $ 1,200, according to the price announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

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Resource: http://spanish.latinospost.com/articles/19441/20150123/ipod-touch-6tageneracion-fecha-de-lanzamiento-caracteristicas-y-precio-apple-lanzara-el-dispositivo-perfecto-para-musica.htm


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