The Photos iCon on is Missing

The owners of an iPhone or iPad to have photos on the Apple iCloud service can not view the photos on that are stored in the cloud. As you can see in the picture, the photos app in iCloud has disappeared and users cannot access photos stored on this service.

Photo App Missing iCloud WebsiteDon’t Miss: Access iCloud Photos Easily Without Login

It is likely that the service is found missing a few days ago, but surely the desire to synchronize the computer or watch New Year’s Eve photos taken by millions of iPhone users via iCloud is what could cause the problem detected.

All those who have Apple iCloud account and who have not yet realized, can see how the application is not listed among those that are available online so trying to enter the URL and identifying. Then an error window with the message “Unable to load photos shown. A problem arose while loading the application. “(It seems that this error has been fixed now)

It seems that it is only this application that users can not access, and therefore have no chance to get in to see the photos from the browser, while the synchronization between iPhone and iPad devices still running without any problems.

Currently the causes are unknown but the incident seems strange, since after the recent scandals in which several famous viewed as came to light his most intimate photos, synchronization services and saving images in iCloud is still up close .

Apple not yet ruled on the matter, but the hypothesis that takes more strength is that servers Photos, could have had any problems in recent days and the company itself has decided to remove the application to make the necessary changes before put back into operation.

So no choice but to wait for the Cupertino communicates something about the disappearance of applying iCloud or just wait until the service resumes again.



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