Top 8 Useful Apps for iPhone 6 (Plus) – New Year 2015

If you had a lot of purposes for this 2014 and didn’t reach, you have the chance to meet them in the coming 2015 by using your iPhone Apps. Now set up your aims, and do it with your iPhone Apps on this Thursday. selected top 10 mobile apps that can help you to meet some of the goals you set out for the coming year. And we selected 8 from these apps, which are available for iPhone, even for the newest iPhone 6 Plus to help you to be healthy (Losing Weight, Giving up Smoking, Travel and others).

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Losing Weight | Sport

If you intend to start or resume practicing sports, a good application to download Runtastic, available for iPhone 6 Plus. The tool uses GPS to measure activities such as running, jogging, walking or cycling. Besides delivering distance traveled, time reports, elevation changes and the lost calories. The app is free but you can buy patches to improve it.

Meanwhile, those who want to lose weight, is the Secret Fat calorie counter, calorie information including various dishes prepared in Chilean cuisine and products that are regularly found in the supermarket. You can take a count of how much you are eating and not overdo daily in calories than your body needs. It’s free.

Give Up Smoking

The snuff is harmful and can cause cancer. That is why many to start a year proposed radically change their lifestyle, including smoking cessation.

NicoStopper Another application is available for 3.59 euros for iPhone (Including the new iPhone 6 Series) and claiming to be a personal trainer, based on cognitive behavioral therapy by a doctor and two psychologists who turned his knowledge in this tool. It has four programs, 3 smoking cessation and one of self, with the idea to avoid withdrawal symptoms.


If one of your plans for this 2015 is traveling, HostelWorld helps you to find accommodation in over 6,000 destinations around the world, particularly in hostels. The tool can occupy before booking a room or, alternatively, if you are out of your city and urgently need a roof at an affordable price. Free on iPhone.

But finding hotel is not easy as it may determine in large part the vacation experience. For this is TripAdvisor platform with feedback from thousands of passengers who have reviewed your lodging experience in different places, to help you make the best decision. It also lets you choose destinations to visit, restaurants to eat and the best beaches to spend the summer, all thanks to user comments. It is also available for free on your iPhone 6 Plus.

Find Love

In times where mobile applications can solve a host of problems, was expected to also help find love. The latest trend in this area is Tinder, application to meet people around you. It works creating a profile with a description of one and done. The tool will offer people who will be interested and you decide to what or to contact no. It’s free for iPhone and iPad devices.

The gay community also has its application to meet people. It is Grindr, focused mainly on men interested in meeting other men. Works with GeoLocator that can connect with people who are close geographically and have similar interests. If there is a match, they can chat and meet. Also free for iPhone .


For those who want culturizarse more during 2015, there are applications that can be your allies. One is Kindle, created by Amazon to transform any mobile phone into an electronic book reader. It is freely available for iPhone and iPad, and allows you to read free books as well buy in the store Amazon. Although, also they can add themselves to the library documents.

Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of cinema is the application of IMDB, a huge database of movies and TV shows portal. It is also free for iPhone 6 Plus, and apart from having information of millions of tapes, there is also ranked the best movies every film fan should see. It is to take it as a guide



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